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AA says route charges for drivers should be scrapped during rail strike UK News

Ahead of the next rail strike next week, the AA said road charges should be scrapped to ease the burden on drivers.

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, AA President Edmund King said parking fees, congestion and clean air zones, and unnecessary roadwork should all be suspended on these dates in order to prevent certain areas from becoming ‘ghost towns’.

He told the newspaper: “If there are no trains coming into Glasgow and Edinburgh, for example, and people have to go about their business, there might be justification for suspending parking charges for the duration of the strike.

Times Series: Edmund King (AA/PA)Edmund King (AA/AP)

“Otherwise, there is the danger that certain areas will become ghost towns.

“It will only be people for whom getting to work is absolutely essential who will use the roads. More and more people will be working from home and record fuel prices will put some people off anyway.

“These factors will alleviate some of the additional congestion, but there will still be shift workers and low-paid NHS workers for whom cars and bikes will be the only options.”

On Thursday, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps warned those embarking on the three-day walkout that they “risk getting fired from work”.

He also said the government planned to introduce legislation allowing the use of agency workers on the railways in industrial action “if the strike drags on”.

Mr Shapps said: “These strikes are not only an attempt to derail reforms which are essential for the future of the network, and designed to inflict damage at the worst possible time, they are also an incredible act of self-harm. from union leaders.

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