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Manchester News: Shopper slammed for cutting broccoli stalks to save money | United Kingdom | New UK News

A Manchester resident was so frustrated with the size of the vegetable’s stems that he decided to use his penknife to cut them off. He pointed out that if the cost of broccoli is determined by weight, money is wasted on what is not used.

But the man has come under fire online after he shared his story, which was described as “ridiculous”.

The shopper, quoted in Manchester Evening News, posted on a Facebook page that he was ‘stunned by the broccoli in store today as they all had huge stalks’.

He noted, “If you’re paying by weight, then all that rod you don’t use is a waste of money.”

Rather than be beaten by a stalk, the man decided to take matters into his own hands and cut the vegetable to what he thought was a more suitable size.

He said: “So I pulled out the trusty knife and cut the babies haha ​​ok that’s a tiny little saving but it all helps.”

The buyer shared his haircut story on a dedicated money-saving page, so he might have expected a friendly response, like a pat on the back.

Instead, he was widely hounded for his actions.

A number of the page’s users insisted that the stalks weren’t wasteful and could also be used in meals.

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A third user called the hash “annoying”.

They wrote, “I’m all for saving a little but this is downright ridiculous.”

There was a general consensus that the whole vegetable was valuable, not just one end.

Some users have even suggested that because of this, the buyer’s actions are a step beyond the mark.

One pointed out that the hash “must be reported.”

They asked, “Why should he be allowed to carry a knife when other people are arrested if caught with any type of weapon.”

That’s not to say there wasn’t a deal though, with some users noting that they used the same method when shopping.

One user even described the act as “a great idea for people who don’t like the rod.”

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