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Piers Morgan saves union strike as UK faces ‘collapse’ – ‘Where does it all end?!’ | United Kingdom | New UK News

Mr Morgan discussed the unions’ new demands for pay rises with journalist Kevin O’Sullivan.

The British journalist then referred to his conversation with the boss of the Royal Mail union who was now demanding salary increases for his staff.

Mr Morgan claimed that if the country’s workers all received pay rises, the UK economy would go bankrupt.

Britain is currently experiencing 9.1% inflation in the economy, the highest peak in 40 years.

Mr O’Sullivan said: “Now I used to be your boss. You’ve been my boss many times now, and we’re both on Talk TV now.

“Why don’t we just join everybody, both go out and strike, like everybody okay?”

Mr Morgan told Talk TV: “Well, that’s the point, isn’t it, I had one of the… I had the union boss Royal Mail last night.

“And I said to him, you know if every worker deserves a raise, where does this all end?

“Does all the workers in the country right now come out and want the same pay rise to cover inflation, 11%.

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Mr Morgan added: “In this case, the country is essentially going bankrupt, we’re not just going into recession, we’re going into depression.

“And I think there has to be a sense of realism about that, there’s a lot of opportunism going on.

“And despite all the strikes that people are doing, they are massively inconveniencing a lot of other workers who just want to go to work, who have probably had a nightmare for two or three years of the pandemic.

“So it’s complex, I’m all for unions getting a good deal for their workers, but when they start going on strike like this and it starts spreading like a virus after having been through a pandemic, I think that’s very problematic.”

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Teachers and NHS staff have now all threatened to strike for higher wages.

RMT union boss Mick Lynch has led the way with rail strikes across the country, demanding that the government raise wages for its workers by up to 7%, the union boss has also demanded that he no there are more job cuts in the rail sector.

British Airways is following in his footsteps with strikes planned for the summer holidays on their airline.

Many government ministers fear that giving in to workers’ demands will do more harm than good.

Inflation in the economy would make the situation worse for those who are already facing financial difficulties in the UK.

Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab has claimed that workers’ growing demands for high wages will worsen inflation across the country.

Mr Raab told BBC Breakfast: “No, one of the things that will make inflation go up and keep it going for longer and it’s predicted to come back down next year is if we don’t have no wage moderation.

“Because I understand why the unions feel they should fight for their workers’ corner, the risk is, for example, that we see RMT succeed in its demand for a 7% increase in the wages of railway workers, instead of the 3% offered by Network Rail, which will maintain inflation or which will stimulate inflationary pressures.

“Which will keep it higher for longer, and it will only hurt the lowest paid and most vulnerable people in our communities even more.

“So we need to do those two things, a support package for the most vulnerable, but make sure you don’t fuel a vicious cycle of inflation.”


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