Saint James pub strikes in Brighton lead to heated incident Brighton News

VIDEO shows how an altercation broke out as pub workers went on strike for better pay.

Footage shows the incident outside Saint James’ Tavern where staff were taking industrial action – demanding an hourly wage of £11.50.

Police said they spoke to a group of people outside the Kemp Town pub about “two individuals acting aggressively towards them”.

A union shared the clip online.

In the footage, a man can be seen holding a thick chain in his hands before running towards the person filming.

A voice can be heard saying, “I’m breaking you.”

United Voices of the World (UVW) shared the video, taken at a picket line on Saturday, June 25.

The Argus has contacted the Stonegate Group, which owns the pub, for a comment.

Petros Elia, general secretary of the UVW, said the incident was reported to the police and the council.

She said: “We are now calling on Simon Longbottom, CEO of Stonegate Group, to step in to ensure compliance with statutory licensing law and uphold their own values ​​which see Stonegate encouraging ‘publicans to be actively involved in their communities. and put their ads at the heart of local life”.

L'Argus: The strikes were well attended.  Photo: Dave ChiversThe strikes were well attended. Photo: Dave Chivers

“These publicans are harming the local community. Stonegate must intervene now.

“Our members at Saint James Tavern will continue to campaign and strike to ensure they are treated with dignity and respect and provided with a safe workplace. We remain available for negotiations at any time.

Sussex Police said officers engaged with a group of people gathered outside a pub in St James’s Street on Saturday after responding to an unrelated incident nearby.

A police spokesperson said: “Members of the group reported two individuals acting aggressively towards them but were unwilling to support a prosecution.

“Both sides have received advice from the officers.

“No further action was taken as there were no viable lines of inquiry.”

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