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Aldi is bringing back its illuminating tan drops and they’re perfect for summer UK News

Aldi is an unsurprising but rewarding place for skincare enthusiasts. The Lacura range is filled with amazing beauty products at affordable prices.

From serums to moisturizers, SPFs to masks, you’ll find everything you need.

And that now includes tan drops! If you want to get that summery glow while protecting your skin, opt for these luxe illuminating tan drops for just £4.99.

The beauty must-have sold out within weeks of its first launch last Christmas.

Boasting a lightweight, hydrating formula, Aldi’s Luxe Drops are perfect for achieving a golden, sun-kissed tan while minimizing uneven skin tones and blemishes for a natural glow.

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Equipped with an eyedropper dispenser, beauty lovers can have ultimate control over application for a hassle-free, streak-free finish.

You can enjoy a perfect tan, while completing your factor 50.

To add even more glamor to your skincare routine, try Aldi’s first ever Rose Quartz Vibrating Sculpting Roller.

Face rolling eases tension in overworked muscles, helping to deflate, tone and lift the complexion. By kicking your lymphatic system, a rose quartz roller can move toxins and blockages, helping cheekbones appear higher and clearer.

The battery-powered edition of Aldi’s beauty tool uses sonic vibrations to ease tension, stimulate blood circulation and boost collagen levels, leaving skin looking radiant.

You can buy all Aldi beauty products online here.

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