Canned fish beats fresh in cost, convenience and, in many cases, durability. It’s an added bonus that a tin of primary colored Ortiz Sardines (£3.90, The Fish Society) looks very stylish on a kitchen shelf.

“In almost all cases, canned fish is fatty fish like sardines, anchovies, tuna and salmon – rich in omega-3s and known for their health benefits,” says Bart van Olphen, chef and author of the canned fish cookbook. “It’s also very sustainable, provided you choose Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified fish. Canned sardines, like wine, only get better with time the longer they sit in the can.

From a sustainability perspective, the MSC’s Good Fish Guide advises buying canned Pacific salmon rather than fresh Atlantic salmon, as the stock is so low. Try Rockfish, founded by Devon chef Mitch Tonks, for more adventurous locally sourced canned seafood, including Brixham cuttlefish and Lyme Bay mussels (both £5.95, therockfish

3. Dried lentils and legumes

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