A young girl is feared to have drowned after going missing at a water park near Windsor, according to Sky News.

Footage from the park shows emergency services, including fire crews and an air ambulance, at the scene this afternoon.

A witness, who was at the park with her children, told Sky News the girl was seen underwater and “did not come up”.

“At that point, the rescuers came running in,” she said.

“She was with a group of friends for a daughter’s birthday,” said the mother, who declined to be named.

“My daughter spoke to the birthday party.”

Members of the public who were at the activity park were asked to call her name on the beach, in case she got out of the water and back on land.

“But no one found her,” the witness said. “The rescuers worked incredibly hard.

“After about 30 minutes we were asked to leave the beach, just as the ambulance and fire brigade arrived at the scene. There was a police helicopter, an air ambulance and a search and rescue boat .

“I saw one of the adults in the group the girl had been with, and asked if there was anything I could do to help her, and she just asked me to pray for her.”

Staff ‘asked customers for goggles’ to look underwater

A second witness told Sky News: “We were waiting to move on and rescuers were running all over the obstacles and looking below.

“They were dismantling the Ninja Warrior near the beach, looking for it.

“Staff actually started asking customers for goggles to search for her underwater.”

Sky News has contacted Liquid Leisure and emergency services for comment.

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Source: news.sky.com
This notice was published: 2022-08-06 18:06:00