And for company car drivers racking up the miles on the highway, you can take advantage of Kia Charge, available exclusively to Kia drivers. You will have instant access to the Ionity Power subscription, which in turn provides the most advantageous recharges when using Ionity’s powerful and hyper-intuitive EV charging stations, and additional access to over 20,500 electric car charging points in the UK.

Kia Charge is also your corporate travel assistant, providing information on charging stops, up-to-date station information and prices – so you can plan important journeys before you leave your front door. It’ll even consolidate your monthly EV expenses into one bill, making public charging easier and more efficient than ever, leaving you more time for the things that matter most.

It’s not just charging where the Kia Niro EV saves you money as a company car driver, but the pounds and pennies saved before you’ve even left the forecourt. As a fully electric car, the Kia Niro EV is exempt from vehicle excise duty (VED) or road tax, which could potentially save you up to £490 a year compared to an SUV gasoline or diesel family*. You’ll also be able to travel in and out of the congestion charge zone without worrying about forgetting to pay the £15 daily charge.

And that’s not all. The all-new Kia Niro EV enjoys exceptionally low Benefit-In-Kind (BIK) tax rates. At just 2% for the 2022 tax year, a 20% taxpayer can expect to pay as little as £150 a year, while those in the 40% tax bracket will pay as little as £300 per year.

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This notice was published: 2022-08-02 16:02:19