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Tesla driver rips car door clean off in collision with bus – WATCH | UK | News UK News

The viral video shows a grey Model X Tesla moving off at speed with one of its gull doors raised to the confusion of passersby. The driver accelerates off seemingly unphased by the open door before attempting to pass a bus heading in the opposite direction. 

As the electric car passed by the bus the open gull door collides with the windscreen of the bus.

Glass can be heard shattering amid a loud bang before the Tesla SUV comes to a halt. 

The driver of the bus appears shocked but unharmed by the crash.

Damage to both vehicles was substantial with the door of the Tesla left hanging off while panelling on the side of the bus was badly scrapped. 

The man behind the camera can be heard exclaiming: “Jeez, ripped it clean off!

“What a fool!”

When the clip was shared on Twitter, users were quick to express their shock and offer some words of advice to the unfortunate driver.

“How do you not think it’s important to pull over when half your car is missing?

“Did they think this was the Tesla version of convertible??

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This notice was published: 2023-08-06 23:01:00

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