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Eryri|Snowdonia: ‘Concern’ over mystery of missing signposts at national park | UK News

There is growing “concern” over the mystery of missing signposts at a national park.

Posts and way markers along a long distance footpath in Eryri National Park, also known as Snowdonia, have disappeared.

The local council said it was “considering its response” to the incident along the Snowdonia Slate Trail, an 83-mile circular route around the northern part of Eryri, starting from Bangor.

Bran Devey, from Ramblers Cymru, told Sky News that “a lot of time and effort goes into putting in these waymarkers”.

“We don’t really have any information about why somebody’s done this or the kind of logic behind it at this moment in time,” he said.

“I know that when I spoke to our volunteers when they were putting the posts in, they said it was quite the challenge to put them in because of the location so it’s obvious that somebody has targeted that area for whatever reason and decided to move those posts.”

Pic: Mieko Yamaguchi

A spokesperson for Gwynedd Council said: “There is no clear motive for the removal of the posts at this stage, and we will be liaising with all stakeholders in an attempt to resolve the matter.

“It is extremely disappointing that these were removed particularly when Ramblers members had given their time voluntarily to install them and improve the footpath.”

A spokesperson for Eryri|Snowdonia said respect for the park and its communities was “paramount”.

“Waymarkers serve as essential guides for outdoor enthusiasts, ensuring they follow designated routes,” they added.

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According to Mr Devey, the mystery surrounding the missing signs is part of a “broader issue”.

“We do see issues where way markers and posts do go missing,” he said.

“Obviously, some areas seem to be targeted, like this one, because it’s in a more…

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