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Dorries’ resignation is no political earthquake – but she has cost the Tories another safe seat by-election | Politics News

To Labour MPs and her detractors in the Conservative Party, she’s “Mad Nad”. To constituents furious with their absentee MP, she’s “Dosser Dorries”.

But now – finally – Nadine Dorries is giving up the tiresome chore of being an MP to become a full-time chat-show host, novelist, newspaper columnist and celebrity.

And she’s not going quietly. Her brutal hit-job on Rishi Sunak in her resignation letter doesn’t pull any punches. But after the damage her conduct in the past few months has already inflicted on the Tory Party she’ll win little sympathy from Tory MPs.

Despite briefly serving in cabinet in the relatively junior position of culture secretary under her not-so-secret crush Boris Johnson, she’s hardly one of the big beasts of the party or a substantial political figure whose resignation will send shock waves through her party.

While she’s making a lot of noise and clearly hell-bent on taking her revenge on Mr Sunak for his role in the demise of her beloved Boris, we’re not talking political earthquake here like the resignation of cabinet titans like Michael Heseltine from Margaret Thatcher’s cabinet in 1986 or Robin Cook over Sir Tony Blair’s Iraq war in 2003.

For most of her political career, Nadine Dorries has been a maverick backbencher whose main claim to fame was appearing on I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here in 2012 without permission, for which she had the Conservative whip withdrawn.

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Nadine Dorries launches attack on PM after handing in resignation letter

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The only Tory leader to whom she was totally devoted was Boris…

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