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Jeremy Vine reversed into by van whilst on bicycle UK News

Vine, who is an avid cyclist, posted footage of the incident on X – formerly known as Twitter – when he was riding in London.

He wrote: “This morning. About an hour ago. Illegal right turn, then watch. Unbelievable.”

The video showed Vine cycling down a street and entering a junction with a white van driving towards him on the other side of the road.

The van then turns right across the cycle path which requires Vine to slow down.

As Vine starts cycling behind the vehicle to pass, the van driver then starts to reverse back into the road, seemingly unaware of his surroundings.

Vine is then caught behind the van as the driver starts doing this manoeuvre causing his bike to get caught underneath, with the 58-year-old having to rapidly get off it.

After thumping a few times on the back of the van the driver stops going backwards, with the bike having undergone a bit of damage.

Debate caused by Jeremy Vine van clip

There were mixed responses to the clip posted by Vine, with many attributing blame both ways.

One person posted: “Scary as hell. Glad you’re okay. Can’t believe the van took an illegal turn and then tried to correct it by reversing the wrong way! Points are not enough, immediate license revoke.”

Times Series: Jeremy Vine has posted clips of close calls with cars before whilst out cyclingJeremy Vine has posted clips of close calls with cars before whilst out cycling (Image: Kirsty O’Connor/PA)

In comparison someone else saw the incident in a different light writing: “So the guy makes a mistake, tries to rectify it but rather than help, the cyclist chooses to stay behind the van hammering on the door. Ambulance chasers.”

Another put: “Van driver attempts to drive down a cycle lane and then, having realised the mistake, *blindly* reverses into an active lane of traffic, colliding with a cyclist in the process. Still some defend him. What does a driver have to do for everyone to agree they did something wrong?!”

Vine has posted clips of incidents before where collisions have almost taken place between him on a bike and cars prompting mass debates.

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