Fatboy Slim supports under-threat Brighton music pub with gig Brighton News

The DJ, real name Norman Cook, played to a crowd of around 200 people this evening inside the Prince Albert in Trafalgar Street, Brighton.

There are fears that the 175-year-old pub could close because of plans to build a four-storey office block next door.

Fatboy described the pub as “part of the soul of Brighton” and said small venues closing could make the rest of the music industry “wither and die”.

The Argus: The DJ said the venue was 'part of the soul of Brighton'The DJ said the venue was ‘part of the soul of Brighton’ (Image: The Argus)

The venue is worried that the units could be turned back into residential properties in the future.

Fatboy Slim told The Argus: “Small venues of this size are the life blood of my industry. If you remove these it’s like you’re cutting off the roots of a plant. The rest of it will wither and die.

“Building a great big office block will make someone a load of money. But sometimes it’s not about money, it’s about the soul of it. This place is part of the soul of Brighton.

“We will lose all our character if we don’t have these venues.

The Argus: The Prince Albert building is 175 years oldThe Prince Albert building is 175 years old (Image: The Argus)

“You list historic buildings, some venues should be culturally listed. Preserve these places like you would any Regency building in Brighton.

“It’s a Brighton institution and has been here for years. I have seen so many bands come through here on the way up.

“It’s not just Brighton, venues of this size are always in jeopardy across the country.

“We have lost so many smaller venues, they are the life blood of what we do. Every Adele started playing in places like this.”

The Argus: Fatboy got fans to sing along to some of the songsFatboy got fans to sing along to some of the songs (Image: The Argus)

The original plans were for a commercial space with two holiday lets. These were amended and the holiday lets removed but the venue is still concerned for its long term future. 

Fatboy said the pub got in contact with him to help share the petition to support it. He suggested playing live at the pub.

In May, the 60-year-old supported the Duke of Wellington pub in Shoreham which had its future secured after being under threat because of potential noise complaints from a 150-home block of flats.

Charity the Music Venue Trust objected to the revised plans for the development which would be on the site of a former garage at 47 Trafalgar Street.

It said: “The removal of the residential aspect was welcomed by everyone connected to the venue and invested in its survival, however Music Venue Trust believes that unless Brighton and Hove City Council goes further in providing the venue with assurance that it will not revert back to a residential plan in the future, the venue’s survival is not guaranteed.

“To reiterate our position, we hold concerns about the impact of new residential development on our existing grassroots music venues and the enhanced potential for noise complaints that come from new residents.

“These noise complaints have the potential to lead to venue closures and reduce the cultural offering of towns and cities.”

Brighton and Hove City Council’s planning committee is discussing the new plans this Wednesday at 2pm.

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