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Angry families demand refunds at ‘disastrous’ Bonfire Night fireworks obscured by fog | UK | News UK News

Birmingham’s biggest fireworks display sparked little but outrage after a “wall of smoke” prevented the audience from being able to see a thing.

Edgbaston Stadium’s Fireworks Spectacular had promised punters a “breathtaking fireworks display” – but delivered little more than loud noises and barely visible lights.

Attendees described the event as a “total disaster”.

Footage shared on social media shows the almost invisible display, as well as families in the stands getting up and leaving early while other puzzled customers watch on.

Edgbaston Stadium acknowledged the issues on Facebook and said it would get in touch with those who bought tickets shortly after the event, Birmingham Mail reported.

The venue wrote: “Due to the atmospheric conditions and unfortunate weather conditions we know that our fireworks display was impacted.

“We are currently investigating the issues that occurred and we will communicate with all ticket purchasers in due course.”

One commenter responded: “Nothing to do with the weather. On a clear summer’s night there still would’ve been a ridiculous amount of smoke and we still wouldn’t have been able to see anything.”

“Hold your hands up, apologise on behalf of whoever’s error it was and get the refund ball rolling. There are a lot of unhappy customers.

“It’s not a cheap night out either for a family. Please do the right thing.”

Another said on X: “They have totally f– up the fireworks at Edgbaston.

“Fireworks hitting the floodlights.”

Another said: “The greatest show??? At this point, it was just farcical…

“First ever display for 2/3 of our kids. Not able to get any food in time.

“No fireworks. Not sure we’ll get them to another one any time soon.”

Another added: “The smoke was in fact caused by a lack of professionalism including poor testing practices, as the fireworks were hitting the building and floodlight in addition to explosions in the seats.”

Steph Darby, from Tipton, spent nearly £100 taking her family to the fireworks, and told the BBC: “When the fireworks started, within about 20 seconds it had evidently gone wrong.

“It went smoky really quickly, you couldn’t see any of the fireworks, you couldn’t even see where it was lighting from the floor.”

An investigation has also been launched following the display and the stadium will communicate with all ticket holders, the BBC reported.

A spokesperson for Edgbaston Stadium said: “The Fireworks Spectacular is one of the most popular events in our calendar, with families returning year after year, so it’s really disappointing the adverse weather conditions impacted last night’s event.

“The same type and volume of fireworks were used on Friday night at the stadium and 4,000 visitors enjoyed an amazing display on a clear night.

“However, last night there was a lingering mist and the atmospheric conditions were such that smoke from the fireworks failed to dissipate. We understand that other displays in the region were also affected by the conditions.”

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