Brighton girl helps write Christmas song in aid of War Child Brighton News

Vern Asbury, from Brighton, was inspired to produce I Can’t Wait For This Christmas after he heard his daughter Scarlett singing about her excitement for the festive season two months ago.

The 44-year-old session musician, who has worked with the likes of Lewis Capaldi, Anne-Marie and Niall Horan, set about turning the tune into a full song which features Scarlett, her little brother Ben and her best friend Savannah on backing vocals.

“Scarlett is always coming up with little ideas and singing things,” said Vern.

“I’m a musician and she’s probably got that from me.

“Completely out of the blue she sang this little line and me and my other half said that’s fantastic and then we worked on it from there.

“It was the initial chorus that she sang ‘I can’t wait for this Christmas’.

“It was just so catchy that we wrote it up into the full song.”

The Argus: Vern and Scarlett Asbury in the recording studioVern and Scarlett Asbury in the recording studio (Image: Vern Asbury)

Vern and Scarlett chose to support charity War Child with the proceeds from the track.

The song can be bought for a minimum of £2, £1 of which pays for production costs and the rest will go to the charity.

“The first thing you think about at Christmas is children and there are lots of children at this time of year who are having an awful time,” said Vern.

“We thought it would be nice to raise some money.

“Scarlett is really generous and has a really warm heart.”

Vern said there might be more music from Scarlett in the future.

The proud dad said he believes his daughter has an ear for music and songwriting.

“We asked her what’s the one thing she would like to do and she said she would like to sing,” he said.

“Whenever she hears the slightest thing she’s straight on it with a melody idea so I think she’s got the song writing gene which is really cool.

“I’m really proud of her.”

The Argus: Scarlett is a budding musicianScarlett is a budding musician (Image: Vern Asbury)

Vern said the reaction to the song has been “really positive” so far and it is selling well.

“It’s a fun cheesy Christmas song and people love it for what it is,” he said.

“It’s been really well received.”

Scarlett said: “I came up with a random little Christmas song, which dad and his friend Sam turned into a full song. My best friend, Savannah and my little brother Ben sang some backing vocals at the end of it. It was great fun – if you listen, you can hear Benny giggling when he was doing his bit at the end.

“We wanted to try and raise some money for children who aren’t as fortunate as we are, so that’s what we’re doing. Please buy it so we can send some money to them.”

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