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Girl finds 1,000-year-old ‘5p coin’ in school field in incredibly lucky find | UK | News UK News

A school girl has found a nearly 1,000-year-old coin from the time of William the Conqueror.

Year 9 pupil Vilte, from Winstanley School in Leicester, spotted the coin in the school field when she initially thought it was a 5p coin.

However, closer inspection revealed that the coin was much older and it was taken to an expert at Leicestershire County Council for analysis.

It was there that they found the coin came from the time of William the Conqueror and was likely dropped by a worker on the Fosse Way.

The school’s Samantha Curtis said: “Vilte spotted what she thought was a five pence piece amongst the grass. When she picked it up it was much lighter and the markings were unfamiliar.

“She took the coin to her tutor, Mike Greenwood, who did some research and found that the coin was a penny from the time of William the Conqueror, minted around 1068-1070.

“We believe that the coin was disturbed by some construction work which had been carried out, and was probably unearthed with some of the mud.

“Vilte found the coin in amongst the grass which makes finding it even more remarkable. We have spoken to various agencies for advice.”

LeicestershireLive reported that Ms Curtis added: “Richard Clark, team manager for heritage at Leicestershire County Council, said that the coin would have been a considerable loss for whoever had dropped it, probably from a pocket or coin purse and that for a farm labourer or worker at the time it would have been of high value.

“At the time when the coin was in circulation the school site would have been agricultural land or forest not far from the ancient settlement of Braunstone.

“Our location is close to the Fosse Way, a popular route for people travelling from Leicester to other locations.”

Following Vilte’s discovery, it is not clear what will happen the coin, but there is hope it may find a permanent home.

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