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A grandparents’ Wetherspoons trip has ended in total chaos after they took part in a hilarious drinking game. Their grandson posted the couple’s photo on a Facebook group called ‘Wetherspoons The Game’ where if a photo and accompanying story is entertaining enough members will send drinks directly to the participant’s table via the app.

Grandson Mark Hamlet said in his post: “Hey, brought nana and grandad out for their early night cap. 

“Explained to them about the game…Know it works as I’ve given a few in past. Nana thinks she about to be cloned and pension account emptied.

“Let’s show her we mean business.”

He goes onto say that his nana is partial to a glass of Melbec or Merlot Red whereas his grandad prefers a pint.   

Then he cheekily added: “Nothing crazy guys I’ve gotta put them to bed.”

Hilarious snaps show the couple being absolutely inundated with drinks – and looking a bit dumbfounded at the result.

The trio were enjoying a trip to The George Inn in Sandbach, in Cheshire according to the location posted on Facebook.

The pictures were then shared more widely on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter by @roblikesplanes.

The tweet has now been seen by 2.2m people and retweeted thousands of times.

Rob said: “Reason 52 why I can’t delete Facebook: a group called ‘Wetherspoons The Game!’ in which you put up a couple of photos of yourselves & explain the occasion, alongside the spoons you’re in. 

“If you’ve got a good post, people will send you a drink. Nana doesn’t know what’s hit her.”

One X user said: “I am howling at this, thank you for sharing it.”

Another said: “Honestly. Nana is my hero x”

“Laughed so hard at this. Hopefully Grandad got some kip with Grandma in a Malbec coma next to him,” added another.

The game works due to a loophole in the Wetherspoon’s app. 

Where apps for outlets such as McDonald’s and Pizza Express use your phone’s location services to verify you are physically at a location, Wetherspoons asks you to manually confirm which pub you are in and which table you are sitting at. 

To play the game you have to post your location and table number in the various Facebook groups that have been created dedicated to the fun.

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This notice was published: 2023-12-05 10:18:00

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