Worthing: Elderly man assaulted in broad daylight Brighton News

An elderly man fell into the road after being attacked.

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West Sussex: Weather warning issued for heavy rain Brighton News

The Met Office has issued the warning for most of West Sussex, including Worthing, Chichester and Arundel, which is in effect from 11am until 10pm tomorrow.

The weather service has warned of the possibility of flooding of a few homes and businesses, as well as disruption to bus and train services.

A spokesman from the Met Office said: “A band of rain will move eastwards across the area during Thursday before clearing during the evening.

“Rain will be heavy at times, especially over hills, with 20-30mm likely in places. Rain will be accompanied by strong south-easterly winds.”

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SGN gas works causing traffic chaos on A27 at Lancing Brighton News

SGN completed repairs on the A27 at Lancing last week but the road, near Manor Roundabout, is still reduced to one lane.

The gas distribution company said further work is needed to add an anti-skid layer to the lanes it has been working on.

A spokesman said the road should be open as normal by the end of the week.


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Waseem Hanif, spokesman for SGN, said: “We’ve completed repairs to our gas network in the A27, Lancing, near Manor Roundabout.

“The road surface has just now been restored however, we still need to add an anti-skid layer to the lanes we’ve been working.

“One lane will remain closed tonight for anti-skidding to be added. This lane will be reopened tomorrow, when we’ll close another lane for anti-skidding to be added.

“All going well, we’ll be able to open the road as normal on Friday, December 8.”

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Hove: King Alfred leisure centre to remain closed for days Brighton News

The leisure centre in Hove, which dates back almost 100 years, was forced to close due to an ongoing mains water fault.

The issue has left the site without water, meaning toilets, showers and handwashing facilities are out of action.

Work to repair the fault is underway, with hopes that the leisure centre will reopen for the weekend.

A spokesman for Freedom Leisure, which runs the King Alfred Leisure Centre, said: “We have been experiencing ongoing issues with our water supply at the King Alfred and we will continue to be closed Thursday and Friday this week.

“We currently have no water to the building and therefore we have no toilets, handwashing facilities, showers or heating.

“We are hoping to reopen for the weekend once our contractor has completed the required works. We will provide an update closer to the weekend with further information.”

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Man with ‘Seasonal flu’ left in coma over blood infection Brighton News

24-year-old Devan Hopkins started feeling unwell in October 2022 and was told by a doctor that he was experiencing winter flu symptoms.

A few weeks later, after complaining of severe headaches and exhaustion, Devan had two further blood tests and was prescribed migraine tablets.

But over the next week, Devan started to lose 4 kilos in weight and his headaches got worse.

When he returned to the doctor, Hopkins underwent more blood tests and was told he had a heart murmur.

He was taken straight to Lancaster Royal Infirmary and had an echocardiogram where he was told he was suffering from infective endocarditis, an infection caused by bacteria that enter the bloodstream.

The Argus: Devan had a bicuspid heart valve.Devan had a bicuspid heart valve. (Image: SWNS)

Further tests showed Devan had a bicuspid heart valve, where the aortic valve only had two flaps instead of the usual three.

Devan was then transferred to Blackpool Victoria Hospital, Lancashire, for surgery to replace his aortic valve, repair his mitral valve and remove an abscess on the aorta.

The operation was due to last six hours but 13 hours later the surgeon told Devan’s parents, Tracy and Glen Hopkins, both 54, that the procedure had been “complex”.

Devan was in critical condition as they discovered that had strep, pneumonia and sepsis which wreaked havoc on his body and he was placed in an induced coma over Christmas.

After 10 days on life support, Devan was later given the all-clear leaving the hospital surrounded by his family.

Discussing the incident, Devan a labourer, from Morecambe, Lancashire, said: “Normally I’m really fit and healthy and have only occasionally needed to go to the doctor.

The Argus: Devan was in surgery for 13 hours. Devan was in surgery for 13 hours. (Image: SWNS)

“I was feeling really under the weather and the usual over-the-counter medicines weren’t having any effect.

“I decided I needed to go and just check things out, thinking that maybe I needed a short course of antibiotics or something to clear it up.

“A few weeks later, I went back to the doctor for more blood tests.

“By this point, the infection markers and other blood markers had gone through the roof and it was on this appointment that the doctor heard a loud heart murmur.

“We had no idea the nightmare that was ahead.”

He added that he had multiple trips to the doctor in October 2022 and after a planned holiday to Prague, Czech Republic he had become “gaunt and pale” and was still exhausted.

The Argus: Devan was in hospital over Christmas.Devan was in hospital over Christmas. (Image: SWNS)

Adding: “My parents really didn’t want me to go, they felt I was too ill to travel, and we should delay the trip, but I thought the change of scenery might be just what I needed.

“My mum recalls now how worried they were while I was away and how relieved they were when we both returned home safely.

“When they saw me, they were shocked and extremely worried at how gaunt and pale I had become.”

Further tests found that Devan had a bicuspid aortic heart valve and was transferred to Blackpool Victoria Hospital on December 16, 2022, where he had an immediate operation.

He said: “My surgeon hoped to get the infection down before surgery and I was placed on a large dose of antibiotics.

“He reassured me regarding the operation and hoped I would be up and about in a couple of weeks and fingers crossed should be home for Christmas.

“It was 13 hours before the surgeon returned to the family room to update my parents, unfortunately, the operation had been extremely complex.

“Not only had I got strep and pneumonia I also had got sepsis which had wreaked havoc on my heart and lungs.”

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Devan was brought off life-support on December 27, 2022, and spent a further 14 days in the hospital.

His mum, Tracy, said of the moment he came around: “We were saying we love you, we are proud of you and you thought so hard.

“It is hard to describe the moment, I experienced pure joy to see that he was still with us – I can’t express how thankful we are to see that he was alive.

“All the way through we wanted to remain positive and kept telling him to fight.”

He was finally allowed home and reunited with the rest of his friends and family in January 2023 and hailed as a “Christmas miracle” by hospital staff.

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New café and toilets planned for central Brighton park Brighton News

The Brighton park’s Velo Café and toilets were forced to shut due to constant vandalism, with councillors deciding earlier this year that the nearby Maclaren Pavilion would be a more suitable location for the facilities.

Now, plans have been submitted to Brighton and Hove City Council for the pavilion’s redevelopment with hope the new site will be less prone to vandalism.

“Natural surveillance is a design concept promoted by the Secured by Design initiative,” a statement in the planning application reads.

“The design of the split café and toilet use of the MacLaren Pavilion is to ensure all areas of the proposed refurbished building remain more publicly visible than is currently the case at the existing building.

“All doors and access routes to the toilets will open to the front of the building at a main point, which, along with the new café location, is aimed to concentrate footfall into a single area thus encouraging natural surveillance and therefore, it is hoped, reduce vandalism and anti-social behaviour.”

The Argus: Plans will include four toilets and a new café.Plans will include four toilets and a new café. (Image: BHCC)

The public toilets will include two standard toilets, a family room and an accessible toilet, and the design has improved accessibility “at its core”.

“The new layout is all-level access and provides separate and distinct facilities for wheelchair users and ambulant users, as well as dedicated family rooms,” the application reads.

“A changing places toilet has been considered but regrettably there is insufficient room without a huge reduction in the overall provision.”

Changing places toilets are larger facilities that have the right equipment, including a changing bench and a hoist, designed to support disabled people who need assistance, according to the company’s website.

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The Maclaren Pavilion remains largely vacant the year round, apart from when a community group uses the building to hold meetings.

The city council is said to be working closely with the community group to find them a new location to meet.

A consultation on the planning application will be held on December 20. The public can comment on the application online.

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Queen Victoria’s Christmas tree decorations go to auction Brighton News

The ornaments, dating back more than 120 years, feature a small doll inside a woven crib and a wax doll which is missing one leg.

Queen Victoria gave the festive keepsakes to an aristocratic family who passed them down through the generations.

They were bought by Daniel Hadden, from Wivelsfield Green, near Burgess Hill, who is now selling them in time for someone to enjoy this Christmas.

They are expected to fetch between £1,000 and £1,500 but could sell for far more when they go under the hammer at Hansons Auctioneers this week.

The Argus: The small doll in a woven cribThe small doll in a woven crib (Image: SWNS)

Daniel, a royal historian, said: “I love Christmas, especially early Christmas decorations, the older the better.

“I am interested in royal history and have handled quite a few important royal artefacts over the years.

“I enjoy doing the research to uncover the story behind the objects.

“These decorations were obtained by Miss Elsie H Young (1884-1959), second cousin of Isabella Whichcote.

“Isabella had a grace and favour apartment in Hampton Court and invited Miss Young to a Christmas banquet.

“During the festive celebrations she was given the decorations.

“It has been noted by the Royal Collection Trust that Queen Victoria often gifted items from her Christmas tree to guests.

“Miss Young treasured them all her life. She thought them so importation she left them to her servant, Rosie Ellison.

“I bought the decorations from Rosie’s descendants. She was born in 1902 and worked in service for Miss Young.

“She died in 1959 so that’s probably when Rosie inherited them. They were subsequently passed down through the generations.

“I imagine Miss Young would have been an awestruck teenager when she was given Queen Victoria’s Christmas tree decorations in the late 1800s.

“She was fortunate enough to move in royal circles and would have been 16 in 1900.

“By that time Queen Victoria was close to the end of her life. She passed away at the age of 81 in 1901 after a 63-year reign.

“With Christmas fast approaching I decided it was time to let someone else enjoy these royal festive mementos.

“Someone else can have the pleasure of owning something that belonged to one of Britain’s most famous monarchs, and use them to decorate their tree.”

The Argus: This wax doll is missing one legThis wax doll is missing one leg (Image: SWNS)

The royal decorations will go under the hammer at Hansons auction house in Derbyshire on December 7.

TV’s Bargain Hunt star Charles Hanson, who owns the auction house, said: “For any Christmas traditionalist and royalist, this has to be the ultimate festive bauble.

“Very few people in the world can say they have Queen Victoria’s decorations hanging from their Christmas tree.

“These items are historically important. As well as being early festive decorations they remind us that Queen Victoria and her husband Prince Albert helped to make Christmas what it is today.

“They popularised the use of decorated fir trees in the mid to late 19th century.

“They paved the way to the festive traditions we enjoy. Christmas trees, and their decorations, are a magical part of festive celebrations.”

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Brighton MP proposes bill on banning conversion therapy Brighton News

The Conversion Practices (Prohibition) Bill will join 20 other private members’ bills being presented in the House of Commons on December 6.

The bill, proposed by Brighton Kemptown MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle, has the backing of nine Conservative MPs and is likely to have a second reading and debate in the spring of next year.

All major parties had promised a trans-inclusive ban on conversion practices at the last general election.

Conversion therapy is the pseudoscientific practice of attempting to change someone’s sexual orientation or gender identity to fit in with heterosexual and cisgender norms.

This can include “counselling” sessions, threatening a person with homelessness, corrective rape and exorcisms.

Plans to ban the practice were at one stage scrapped, before being reinstated without including a ban on practices aimed at transgender people.

The government committed to banning all forms of conversion therapy, but the plans were not included in the latest King’s Speech last month.

However, the proposed ban has proved controversial among some religious groups, who have said that prohibiting conversion therapy could jeopardise religious freedom.

Lloyd Russell-Moyle said: “Some of the biggest social reforms in this country have happened via private members’ bills.

“I was overwhelmed with support from all sides of the House for this reform.

“Too many have suffered for too long; we have a responsibility to ensure no one else must suffer from this practice.”

Conservative MP for Romsey and Southampton North and chairwoman of the women and equalities select committee Caroline Noakes has co-sponsored the bill.

She said: “The bill will contain the appropriate safeguards for legitimate forms of therapy, but trying to ‘cure’ someone from being LGBT is abuse, and we must outlaw it.

“Countries around the world have implemented nationwide conversion bans and we’ll be reflecting on those examples to make sure we get our ban right.”

Conversion therapy is banned in 26 countries, with 15 having a limited or indirect ban and 11 banning the practice by any person – including Belgium, Canada, Ecuador, France, Germany, Iceland, New Zealand and Spain.

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Santa brings Christmas magic for launch of Eastbourne grotto Brighton News

The Santa Grotto Experiences in The Beacon Centre launched on Saturday (December 2) with families invited to come and visit the Big Man himself.

“The experience starts as soon as you arrive at the check-in desk, our cheeky elf will be on hand to greet guests and hand out special passports,” said a spokes-elf.

“Before sending everyone to the Christmas grotto the children must fill in their passports with a unique elf name.

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“Once this has been done our elf will send all the good boys and girls through to see the main man.

“Santa will personally greet and welcome you all giving each passport his own special stamp. The children will then get the opportunity to talk with Santa and choose a gift to take home.”

The grotto is open from 11am weekdays and 10am on weekends. Christmas Eve is the last day to visit before Santa takes to the skies.

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Hove: King Alfred Leisure Centre forced to close until further notice Brighton News

The leisure centre in Hove, which dates back to the 1930s, currently has no water, meaning toilets, showers and handwashing facilities are out of action.

Brighton and Hove City Council said that the venue will “remain closed for the next few days” due to the ongoing mains water issue.

Freedom Leisure, which operates the centre, said that the venue will be closed both today and tomorrow.

A spokesman for Freedom Leisure said: “We have been experiencing ongoing issues with the water at the King Alfred.

“We currently have no water to the building and therefore we have no toilets, showers or handwashing facilities.

“We have taken the decision to close initially today (December 5) and tomorrow.”

Freedom Leisure said that further updates will be made tomorrow as work to resolve the issue takes place.

It comes as the council considers proposed sites for a new flagship leisure centre to replace the ageing King Alfred.

The centre has been plagued with issues in recent years, with the site forced to close for several weeks at the start of the year after its 40-year-old boilers broke down.

A final decision on a new site for the leisure centre will be made early next year, with construction expected to get underway in 2025.

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