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Festival of flame to launch Northumberland Abbey's 1350th anniversary celebrations UK News

The festival will host a Viking Garden and the return of Deepa Mann-Kler’s Illuminated Sheep

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‘Incredibly rare’ 2,000-year-old ‘gladiator’ Roman armour gives vision of ancient warrior | UK | News UK News

An “incredibly rare” piece of Roman armour “inspired by gladiators” has been reconstructed from dozens of fragments for the first time in 2,000 years. The brass arm guard, owned by National Museums Scotland, will be seen for the first time in its entirety when it goes on loan next month to the British Museum in London for its exhibition, Legion: Life In The Roman Army.

Conservators spent weeks reconstructing the arm guard, which is the most intact example of its kind and is one of only three known from the whole Roman Empire.

The armour was previously in more than 100 pieces when it was discovered at the Trimontium fort site near Melrose, Scottish Borders, in 1906.

The fragments have been in National Museums Scotland’s collection for more than a century, with the upper section previously on display for 25 years.

Now that all fragments have been reassembled, the arm guard will go on permanent display in the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh after the British Museum exhibition ends.

Fraser Hunter, principal curator of prehistoric and roman archaeology at National Museums Scotland, said: “This is an incredibly rare object, and it’s great that this exhibition gave us the opportunity to rebuild it.

“The transformation is striking. Now that it’s been reconstructed, you can picture the legionary who once wore it. It was both protection and status symbol – brass was expensive and would have gleamed like gold on his sword arm.

“It offers a vivid connection to this important period when Scotland sat on the Roman Empire’s northern frontier.”

Bethan Bryan, assistant artefact conservator at National Museums Scotland, added: “It’s been a privilege to work on such an extraordinary piece of Scotland’s history.

“I’m thrilled that it can now be seen by audiences in a new light and has been preserved for generations to enjoy.”

Richard Abdy, curator of roman and iron age coins at the British Museum, said hosting the exhibition is a “splendid privilege”.

He said: “The flexible arm guard is an iconic piece of equipment for Roman gladiators, so it is unusual to see it as a sword arm protection for Roman soldiers too.

“Its display, posed with classic legionary segmental body armour, is stunning. The latter is also possibly derived from gladiator kit and we even think that the training regime for the amphitheatre originally inspired combat training of the professionalising Roman army.

“The image of Roman soldiers and gladiators appropriately unite in one artefact – two characteristic strands of the dark side of Roman civilisation that have long fascinated public imagination.”

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Sheffield Wednesday makes Portsmouth switch after multiple clubs showed interest UK News

Myles Peart-Harris’ name was one of many that Sheffield Wednesday have been linked with, but he’s now on his way elsewhere – to Portsmouth.

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When was the last tornado in the UK as Storm Isha hits? Brighton News

Storm Isha – with its over 100mph winds – has brought flight, train and ferry cancellations as well as road closures and power cuts in its wake. 

The Met Office put both amber and red warnings at the height of the storm and two new yellow alert warnings extending until midday on Wednesday, January 24 for some parts of the country.

The rare red “danger to life” warning of wind was in force in northern Scotland until 5am on Monday, while an amber warning of wind for the whole country was lifted at 6am.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak also said on Monday morning that the Government is working hard with authorities to restore power to homes remaining without it.

Transport Scotland has said that it recorded a gust of 107mph on the Tay Bridge in Dundee and the Met Office said there was one of 84mph at Salsburgh, North Lanarkshire.

The “destructive storm” has prompted many Brits to ask whether the severe winds equate to a Tornado. 

Is Storm Isha a tornado?

On Sunday night, The Tornado and Storm Research Organisation, issued a ‘Tornado Watch‘ alert on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter.

The warning was in place from 4pm on Sunday, January 22 to 11pm.

It is important to note that the warning has now expired and that there are no tornado warnings in place.

If Storm Isha doesn’t currently qualify as a tornado – when was the last time the UK experienced one?

When was the last time the UK had a tornado?

Tornados are categorised using the International Tornado Intensity Scale (The T Scale) which ranks the event based on separate wind speed, track length, track width and track area, according to the Tornado and Storm Research Organisation (TORRO).

Recommended reading

The last time the UK experienced a T7 tornado (strongly devastating winds) was December 8 1954 when it hit Gunnersbury in London.

Meanwhile, the most recent T6 tornado (moderately devastating) was on July 28, 2005 (rated T5-6) which hit Birmingham.

TORRO notes that the most intense tornado on record for the UK (and England) went through Welbourn, Wellingore, Navenby and Boothby Graffoe in Lincolnshire on October 23, 1666.

The Welbourn tornado has been rated at T8-9 with a reported maximum track width of 200m and a track length of 5km.

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Former Brighton Girls site in Hove on the market for £4.5m Brighton News

The plot in Radinden Manor Road, Hove, was home to Brighton Girls Junior School until September 2021 when the children were moved to the main site in Montpelier Road, Brighton.

Now the 1.7 acres with 37,000sqft of existing buildings is up for sale, with estate agents Knight Frank saying there is potential to redevelop the site for “alternative uses subject to the necessary consents” including “residential or senior living”.

In the listing brochure, Knight Frank said a planning report has been prepared which sets out the planning parameters of the property and development possibilities.

Knight Frank said the school had worked with IID Architecture and Nexus Planning to prepare a “high level” feasibility of residential development and senior living/extra care schemes.

A preapplication has been submitted to Brighton and Hove City Council, it said.

“The property comprises a main red brick building of traditional masonry construction with flat roof and UPVC double glazing throughout,” said Knight Frank.

“The main building previously housed a reception, dining room and servery, the music rooms, library and science laboratories, art studio and ICT.

“The main building also housed the nursery, a large spacious area with a purpose built outdoor play area.”

To the south east of the plot is the caretaker’s bungalow which the listing says will become vacant in April.

The hard playing courts and astro-turf, which was completed in 2016, will not be sold but will be retained by the school.

A school spokesman said: “Following the successful return of the prep school to the main Brighton Girls’ school site in 2022, part of the Radinden Manor Road site is up for sale. Brighton Girls’ will retain the sports pitches and is committed to the continued availability of recreation and sports activities for students and the local community.”

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Ex-marine Dave Thomas becomes oldest person to reach South Pole unassisted | UK News

An ex-marine has become the oldest person to reach the South Pole unassisted.

Dave Thomas, 68, from Coelbren, southern Powys, has beaten the previous record holder by four years.

He and Alan Chambers MBE reached their destination on 19 January, having spent 58 days in some of the planet’s most extreme conditions.

The pair set off from Hercules Inlet on 22 November and skied unassisted for 1,180km.

But they also had to drag their food, fuel and stores in heavy sleds.

Temperatures were around -24C, with a wind chill of -42C while crossing the polar plateau.

Those conditions worsened over the final few days before they reached the finish.

Dave Thomas, 68, who has become the oldest person to reach the South Pole unassisted. Pic: The Royal Marines Charity
Dave Thomas. Pic: The Royal Marines Charity

Alan Chambers (pictured) set out on an expedition with Dave Thomas, 68, who has become the oldest person to reach the South Pole unassisted. Pic: The Royal Marines Charity
Alan Chambers. Pic: The Royal Marines Charity

Mr Thomas celebrated his 68th birthday just before Christmas, on the 19th day of the expedition.

“The 1,000km milestone five days ago was huge for us emotionally,” he said.

“And although we knew then we were on the final push and we still had several days of hard hauling, we doggedly stuck to our routine, we were determined to keep to our planned pace, and resist any temptation to try and sprint for the finishing line.”

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Mr Chambers added that Mission Spiritus had “not been an easy feat” but that their “Commando spirit” had seen them through.

The duo carried out scientific research while on the expedition, looking at the global impact of nanoplastics and the effects of sensory deprivation in prolonged remote climates on the body.

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Calverley: Yorkshire village to be left without a post office as family targeted in Horizon scandal confirm they are selling the shop Yorkshire News

A couple who are subpostmasters in a Yorkshire village will sell their business after using their own money to make up for shortfalls detected by the faulty Horizon IT system.

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Nearly 50,000 companies face collapse as ‘debt storm’ hits Business

Thanks for joining me. Airlines have been told to inspect another type of Boeing aircraft after the dramatic mid-air blowout earlier this month.

The US Federal Aviation Administration told airlines to examine the door plugs of Boeing 737-900ER planes “to ensure the door is properly secured”.

Boeing said it “fully supports the FAA and our customers in this action.” 

5 things to start your day 

1) Labour’s North Sea drilling ban will bring forward rig closures, warns Enquest chief | Oil executive argues plans will cost jobs and increase dependency on imported energy

2) Help to Buy revival will only fuel house price inflation, Hunt warned | Jeremy Hunt is also exploring plans to introduce a 99pc mortgage to let first-time buyers onto the property ladder with just a 1pc deposit

3) Record number of female chief executive departures blamed on ‘tall poppy syndrome’ | Female chief executives are much more likely to quit their jobs as a result of personal reasons, and are also more likely to be fired

4) Unloved London stock market to beat US and EU in 2024, City predicts | Comparatively cheap UK stocks are poised for a comeback amid falling inflation

5) House prices and economy to get boost from easing inflation | Falling interest rates and an end to the energy price shock to drive growth

What happened overnight 

Shares were mixed in Asian markets after Wall Street returned to record heights on Friday, while Hong Kong’s benchmark dropped nearly 3pc, hovering near a 15-month low.

The benchmark Nikkei 225 index added 1.6pc, or 583.68 points, to 36,546.95, while the broader Topix index rose 1.4pc, or 34.89 points, to 2,544.92.

The Bank of Japan started a two-day policy meeting on Monday, and was expected to keep its ultra-low interest rates unchanged.

The Hang Seng in Hong Kong lost 2.8pc to 14,877.50. The index has shrunk more than 10pc this year, its worst start to a year since 2016. The Shanghai Composite index was down 2.5pc at 2,760.73.

China’s commercial banks kept their loan prime rate unchanged Monday amid downward pressure on the yuan, disappointing investors who anticipated measures to stimulate the economy. Last week, the People’s Bank of China surprised markets by keeping its medium-term lending facility rate unchanged.

In South Korea, the Kospi fell 0.4pc to 2,476.14. Australia’s S&P/ASX 200 advanced 0.8pc to 7,476.60. In Bangkok, the SET was down 0.6pc, while in Taiwan the Taiex gained 0.8pc.

On Friday, the S&P 500 rallied 1.2pc to its record of 4,839.81. The Dow Jones Industrial Average set its own record a month earlier, and it gained 1.1pc to 37,863.80. The Nasdaq composite jumped 1.7pc to 15,310.97.

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