Bedfordshire Police Cybercrime Team Gets A Boost As Police And Crime Commissioner Invest In Fourth Triage Van To Speed ​​Up Investigations Bedford News

The Bedfordshire Police team fighting cybercrime – including child abuse – should be given another triage van to help speed up investigations

Bedfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner Festus Akinbusoye met the Cyber ​​team earlier this week.

The Cyber ​​Hub specializes in digital forensics, cybercrime investigations and the Internet Child Abuse Investigation Team (ICAIT).

Beds PCC met the Beds Police Cyber ​​team and decided to invest in a fourth Cyber ​​Van

In 2018, his team was the first in the country to have a vehicle dedicated to sorting digital multimedia devices in order to speed up the process of investigating cybercrime.

Bedfordshire Police currently have three cyber vans and the CCP invested in a fourth after seeing the benefits immediately.

The Commissioner said: “My priority is the safety of our residents and I am committed to equipping our officers with all the tools they need to do just that.

“This is why I am delighted to invest in another cyber triage van for our Cybercrime team as they work to keep our communities safe.”

Cyber ​​Vans are a high-tech mobile lab providing officers with a discrete location to investigate devices and analyze digital data, reducing the need to return items to police stations for investigation.

Acting Inspector Peter Ward said: “CCP’s investment in Police Cyber ​​Triage Vans beds allows specialized digital investigators with world-leading equipment to be on site on time. Golden.

“With the introduction of the fourth van, we will increase our ability to witness multiple scenes simultaneously.

“In recent years, this model has enabled us to reduce the backlog of digital devices by over 80% to a sustainable level within eight months (which provided a database to support CCP funding for a fourth van), especially with IT backlogs. reduction from one year to one month. “

Sorting through inconclusive devices at the scene and targeting suspicious devices at the earliest opportunity has enabled investigators to drive an increase in early guilty plea cases, enabling swift justice for victims and maximizing value for money.

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This notice was published: 2021-05-21 17:56:18