Bad behavior from Bradford City fans could hit transfer funds, warns Bantams CEO Ryan Sparks Yorkshire News

Sparks has revealed that the club’s policing costs will rise by 100 per cent in 2022-23 due to several instances of disorder by a minority of City supporters last term.

At the start of last season, only one City fan had received a football banning order (FBO) as a result of misconduct on a matchday.

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However, following a series of incidents last season, that figure has now risen to 10, with seven arrests made last week in connection with the March trip to Hartlepool United, with the possibility of this number rising to 17.

City of Bradford CEO Ryan Sparks: Image courtesy of BCAFC.

CEO Ryan Sparks said: “Our support, in general, is fantastic. At home and away, our fans always make us proud and behave impeccably.”

“Sadly, however, a small minority, and the incidents that occurred over the course of the last season, are beginning to tarnish our reputation.

“There were a number of incidents towards the end of 2021-22 where supporters behaved in an unacceptable manner and arrests followed, leading to charges and suspensions.

“This is a developing situation and not in the right direction, which is having a considerable impact on the club’s finances from a law enforcement perspective.

“Last season our policing costs amounted to £23,610.30. This figure is likely to rise by 100 per cent for the coming campaign, given recent events, and this will have a ripple effect. It is certainly frustrating, when can often be the difference between landing a transfer target or coming up short.

“The financial implications are beyond our control. When the match list is published, West Yorkshire Police categorize each game, leaving us virtually no say in terms of the amount of resources required to host the match safely.

“The level and type of disorder that we have witnessed over the last year is not Bradford City AFC or who we are.

“It’s becoming a major problem in the larger game and we need to take collective responsibility to put an end to it.”

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UK News

Sheffield model boat group angry at disruption to park boating lake use and ‘bullying’ UK News

The Sheffield Ship Model Society meets three times a week at Millhouses Park and says it has a good relationship with former pedal boat operator Pullins, but reached choppy waters when a new operator took over in April.

Group leaders say parks staff are now strictly enforcing a new rule that no one is allowed to have model boats on the lake after 10 a.m.

Group chairman Malcolm Senior wrote to council officials and Millhouses ward councilors complaining of ‘nothing but resistance to a just and fair resolution of the use of Millhouses Park Model Boating Lake , by boat modellers, no consultation offers, in fact, quite the opposite, my emails went unanswered or gave rise to threats.

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The boating lake in Millhouses Park, Sheffied is at the center of a line involving model boat enthusiasts

“Lies were told and a bullying attitude from Parks and Countryside became the norm. The yacht club has been deprived of its meeting place which is currently unusable by the club.

“Models have sailed the lake for 84 years, no license required and yet I am continually told that any boating by the yacht club, on the boating lake, is not permitted, where and when has this limitation been been introduced?

“These model sailboats have been harassed”

He added: “The club, prior to Covid-19, held regattas which were subject to a £12 charge for each and a license was required for these, but as no regatta has been held for more than two years now, a license is clearly not necessary until regattas are reintroduced.

Mr Senior said: ‘Over the past few weeks these model sailing boats have been harassed by the paddle boat operator, park rangers and (council official) Andy Mumford.

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Bus cuts in Sheffield: Councilors demand action to end service losses that ‘…

“Signs have been put up on fences around Millhouses Park Model Boating Lake stating that model boats are only allowed on the water until 10am.”

Mr Senior said using the boating lake and socializing has been invaluable to club members, especially during the pandemic.

Club commodore James Crowfoot said of the new operator: “I know he’s got to make money and he’s part of the amusements at the park, but we’ve been there since 1937. It seems a bit silly. “

Sheffield City Council has been approached for comment.

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UK News

Councils support deferring Newcastle Clean Air Zone tolls to 2023 – but government still needs to approve UK News

Drivers will only receive warning letters for bringing high-polluting vehicles into the city center in the first months of operation of the emissions reduction program.

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Petrol will be £10 a tank cheaper within a fortnight, AA says Business

The cost of filling a car is set to be £10 cheaper within a fortnight as petrol and diesel prices finally start to fall.

Motoring group AA said petrol prices fell 2.8 per liter from record lows, knocking £1.50 off the price of a tank of fuel.

Drivers are likely to pay £10 less per tank in the coming weeks as wholesale prices continue to fall. Wholesale petrol peaked above £1 a liter on June 1 but fell below 80p a liter for much of the past week. This indicates a fall of up to 20 pence a liter at the pump in a fortnight.

The AA’s Luke Bosdet said: “The wholesale petrol trajectory, if sustained, would result in savings from record levels – provided the fuel trade is ready to pass them on.

“So far this morning, even with the rebound in oil, wholesale gasoline remains below 80.5 pa litre.”

Mr Bosdet added: ‘The problem is that in many places the price cuts just aren’t happening despite more than six weeks of falling costs.’

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The Italian crisis comes at an agonizing time for the eurozone Business

The dispute matters because investors behaved as if fiscal union was already a done deal. This is reminiscent of assumptions at the height of the EMU bond bubble around 2007, when Club Med debt and German debt were considered interchangeable. Spanish spreads fell to four basis points.

The European cheerleaders who then ran European operations at Moody’s kept Greece’s rating at A1 until the bitter end, arguing that there was already an implicit debt union. It is worth recalling their exact words in December 2009 because I now detect the same kind of commentary on the Eurozone by market insiders.

“Moody’s believes that it is extremely unlikely that Greece will face short-term liquidity refinancing problems unless the ECB decides to take the unusual step of making a member state’s sovereign debt ineligible by guarantee…a risk that we consider to be very low,” he said. .

“Nor does Moody’s believe that the Greek government’s troubles represent a vital test for the future of the eurozone, but rather a reassessment of relative risks that had been concealed by years of abundant global liquidity.”

Investors woke up to find there was no such EU backstop. Northern creditor states were prepared to let Greece go bankrupt rather than give in to moral hazard. They allowed Italy, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus and Ireland to sink into systemic debt crises. It took three years before they let the ECB buy debt for good.

The contours are different today, but one thing seems familiar: the consensus could once again misjudge the mood in Germany, where inflation hit 8.2%, which was not the case amid of the 1970s. This tests patience: the sacred contract of the monetary union is that the euro must be a hard D-Mark written in large, not a successor to the soft lira.

It is widely reported in the German press that Swiss inflation is only 3.4%, even though both countries have been hit by the same commodity shock. Confidence in the ECB’s monetary management and in the euro project is slowly eroding. “It will be ‘game over’ once Germany refuses to continue being Europe’s payer,” said Manuel Peiffer of asset manager GVS Financial Solutions.

We are not there yet but what ultimately determines the fate of the euro is not whether Italy chooses to leave: it is whether Germany chooses one day to leave.

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UK News

Met Office reveals UK temperature hits 40C, hottest temperature on record UK News

Less than an hour earlier, the record for the hottest temperature had been broken at 39.1 which had been recorded at Charlwood in Surrey.

It is the first time that temperatures in the UK have exceeded 40 degrees.

Potential highs of 41 degrees were predicted for Tuesday, with Transport Secretary Grant Shapps conceding the UK’s transport network cannot cope with the extreme heat and said problems on rails and roads will continue. will continue for decades during such heat waves.

The Met Office tweeted: “For the first time 40 degrees Celsius has been tentatively exceeded in the UK. London Heathrow reported a temperature of 40.2C at 12.50pm today. Temperatures continue to climb in many places, so remember to stay #WeatherAware”

As the heat wave continues, Mr Shapps told people to ‘use common sense’ and ‘depending on the nature of your trip and the reason for it, you may want to consider rearranging your day accordingly’.

He told BBC Breakfast: ‘We have seen a considerable amount of travel disruption. We are likely to see the hottest day on record in the UK today, and the infrastructure, much of which was built in Victorian times, was simply not designed to withstand this type of temperature – and it will be many years before we can replace infrastructure with the kind of infrastructure that could, because the temperatures are so extreme.

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Russia Today broke broadcasting rules nearly 30 times before banning coverage of Ukraine Business

Russia Today broke broadcast rules nearly 30 times before the station was pulled from UK TV screens for its coverage of Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

Ofcom has found RT to have breached impartiality rules in each of the 29 investigations launched into the Kremlin-backed news channel for its coverage of the war.

They covered the period before RT was permanently banned from the UK airwaves in mid-March in response to Mr Putin’s ban on independent journalism. Moscow has introduced new laws punishing journalists with 15 years in prison for deviating from the Kremlin party line.

Ofcom is now considering further sanctions after finding the broadcaster failed to ‘maintain due impartiality’ over the conflict in Ukraine’s Donbass region and committed ‘serious and repeated’ breaches of the broadcasting code .

As RT is no longer broadcast in the UK, the regulator could choose to fine the network or limit its operations in the future if it decides to reapply for a UK broadcast license. United.

RT was forced to broadcast Ofcom’s decisions and was fined £200,000 in 2019 for breaching impartiality rules for its reporting on the Salisbury poisonings and the war in Syria.

Ofcom investigated the impartiality of 15 RT newscasts on February 27, another 12 on March 1, one on March 2, plus the documentary Donbass yesterday, today and tomorrow. In all cases, RT breached Ofcom’s impartiality rules.

The watchdog’s decision to remove RT from UK TV screens on March 18 was largely symbolic given that the European Union had already sanctioned RT, leading to its removal from Freeview, Britain’s biggest free-to-air broadcaster, and Sky.

Despite attracting an average audience of just 2,000 viewers on Freeview and Sky, opinions were divided on how far UK authorities should go to tackle misinformation on the channel.

Some activists feared that an outright ban before investigations were complete would undermine free speech, but there were also concerns that Putin could use the network to continue spreading disinformation if it remained intact.

The Kremlin responded to the RT ban by expelling Western media. In June, Russia banned 29 British journalists from media organizations including The Telegraph, BBC, Guardian, Times and Independent.

Most Western broadcasters and social media companies are either restricted or pulling out of Russia. The BBC World Service uses shortwave radio to broadcast programs such as Newshour, World Business Report and Sports World to parts of Russia and Ukraine.

The outcome of Ofcom’s investigations comes after the regulator discovered earlier this year that while RT’s licensee ANO TV-Novosti had no shareholders, it received payments from the budget of the State of the Russian Federation which partially covered the operating costs of the broadcaster.

RT ended operations at Millbank Tower, Westminster, after Ofcom’s ban, but continues to broadcast from Russia to countries around the world.

A spokesman for RT said: “The logic behind these decisions reflects the logic that guided them several months after Ofcom revoked RT’s license: this is a trial after conviction and RT is guilty of to be Russian and to have dared to express a point of view and show facts that are unacceptable to British political and media establishments.

On the prospect of a further sanction from Ofcom, RT added: “We are very curious to know how creatively Ofcom will try to be creative with these potential sanctions: having their decision broadcast by RT on a channel that no longer broadcasts in the UK or Europe?

“A fine to a sanctioned company that they are prohibited from receiving money from under the UK law they operate under? Maybe even revoke our broadcast license? Let’s get the popcorn out.”

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Extinction Rebellion protesters smash the windows of Rupert Murdoch’s London office Business

In a statement, Extinction Rebellion member and former Sun reporter Steve Tooze said: “These newspapers have spent 30 years of life and death denying or ignoring the climate crisis to ensure that business as a Habit continues to trickle money into their already obscenely bloated bank accounts.As a result, millions of us still have no idea of ​​the terrifying dangers that lie ahead.

News UK’s London Bridge offices house the Sun, the Times and the Wall Street Journal.

Stig Abell, Times Radio co-presenter and former editor of Mr Murdoch’s Times Literary Supplement, tweeted in response that the protest was unfolding as he spoke live to the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit about the wave heat and climate change.

The Times published a column on Friday by Nigel Topping, Britain’s climate action champion, who criticized the Tory leadership candidates for not having a credible plan to tackle climate change.

The nation endured its hottest night on record on Monday and the temperature is on course to hit 41C today [Tuesday]making the UK hotter than Jamaica and Barbados.

Climate change has been a divisive issue within the Murdoch family, with the son of media mogul James criticizing the way his father’s media companies in Australia covered global warming during the rampant wildfires in the country two years ago.

A spokesperson for James Murdoch and his wife Kathryn told The Daily Beast in January 2020 that their views on climate change were “well established” and that their “frustration with some of News’ coverage of the subject Corp and Fox is also well known”.

Rupert Murdoch, the 91-year-old media mogul who is in the process of divorcing former model Jerry Hall, has previously dismissed claims he employs climate deniers.

News UK has been contacted for comment.

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UK News

Heat wave triggers urgent warning to anyone with an iPhone or Android mobile phone UK News

iPhone and Android users have received an urgent warning as the extreme heat threatens to cause permanent damage to their phones.

Uswitch has shared tips with mobile phone users to prevent their devices from overheating during the current heat wave.

The company urged users to keep their phones out of direct sunlight and keep them in the shade.

“Leaving one of your gadgets in a car is another surefire way to seriously overheat it,” Uswitch warns.

“So be sure to take them with you when you parked.”

Apple’s operating message reads: “To resume using your device as soon as possible, turn it off, move it to a cooler environment (away from direct sunlight) and let it cool.”

Tips to prevent your phone from overheating

According to USwitch, putting your phone in low battery mode or even airplane mode could help protect the device from overheating.

Removing the case for the day can also help, but you should never put it in the fridge to chill due to the risk of condensation.

The warning comes as Britons are set to melt on the hottest day on record in the UK as temperatures are set to hit 40C amid growing travel chaos.

Mercury will sizzle to possible highs of 41C in isolated areas on Tuesday, making the country hotter than Jamaica, the Maldives and Barbados – with rail users warned of delays, cancellations and changes to train services.

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Take it or leave it, Network Rail tells strikers Business

Network Rail has insisted it will not improve its pay deal for staff in an ultimatum that raises the specter of strike action through the summer and into the autumn.

Andrew Haines, chief executive of the state-backed track and station owner, told staff today there were ‘no better deals’.

In an internal email to staff, seen by The Telegraph, Mr Haines said last week’s pay offer of an average of 5% is the best Network Rail can offer.

“Anyone who really believes there can be a wage offer that meets or exceeds the highest levels of inflation in a generation is unrealistic,” he said.

The Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) union, the protagonist of the industrial action to date, rejected the Network Rail deal and announced a new wave of walkouts on July 27, as well as the 18 and August 20.

The Aslef drivers’ union will also strike on July 30.

Mr. Haines continued: “I have to level you; there are no better offers for us at the moment. I’m sorry, I know that’s not what you want to hear with such high inflation. But it’s true.

“Commuters and business travelers show no signs of returning to their pre-pandemic travel patterns. And that’s what forms the backbone of the railroad’s fare revenue.

“Actually, it’s worse than that. If the talks fail now, our financial situation worsens. The cost of the strike has already exceeded £100m – as well as causing misery for millions of passengers and damaging the reputation of our railway. Each of those lost pounds is a pound that we can no longer give to you through a compensation offer.

“I’m not saying this as a threat, it’s just the reality we face.”

The RMT has previously warned it has a mandate to bombard commuters with waves of strikes until Christmas.

Asked last month if passengers should expect a ‘long fight’, Mr Lynch told i newspaper: ‘Maybe that’s the way it is, I hope it’s not the case, but there doesn’t seem to be much evidence as to when it’s going to be otherwise.”

Network Rail’s final offer last week included a 5% pay rise, heavily reduced train travel for family members and cash bonuses of up to £900. The state-owned company also ruled out mandatory layoffs for the next two years.

Mick Lynch, RMT’s General Secretary, said: “Network Rail’s offer represents a real pay cut for our members, and the pittance is conditional on RMT members accepting drastic changes to their working lives. “

Rail operators have yet to offer similar terms.

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