Brighton: Artwork to be unveiled at Royal Pavilion on Remembrance Day Brighton News

The artwork by Chila Kumari Singh Burman remembers the soldiers cared for in the Royal Pavilion between 1914 and 1916 when it was used as a hospital for Indian soldiers wounded in the First World War.

Burman visited the Pavilion in 2022 to view the interior of the Royal Pavilion for inspiration. She worked with Royal Pavilion staff and historian Kiran Sahota of Believe in Me CIC who specialises in the history of South Asia.  A set of new neon works have been created in Burman’s London studio and will be displayed alongside earlier neons, on loan to the Royal Pavilion.


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To align with Remembrance Sunday and Diwali, the commission will open on November 11.

“I like to think the light is healing to people,” said Burman.

“Neons, to me, bring joy to people: they emanate fantastical colours. I started making neons during the pandemic, for the Tate Winter Commission 2020. They’re like a beacon of hope and courage.

“I’m quite moved by the whole fact that the Punjabi soldiers were there. This suite of subversive neons is an homage to them.” 

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