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UK city’s Christmas market vendors ‘pretend to be German’ as angry punters ‘won’t return’ | UK | News UK News

A Christmas market in the UK’s second city has been slammed by angry customers who have vowed never to return.

Birmingham Christmas market has been dubbed as a “disappointment” after the visitors claimed that the market vendors “pretend to be German”.

The market is named Birmingham Frankfurt Christmas Market and it claims to be the largest “authentic” German Christmas market outside of Germany, according to its website.

The website further adds that the market offers a large range of traditional goods and gifts and a selection of tempting food and drink.

However, those who have been to the market did not seem to be impressed. 

Several users have brutally slammed the market while sharing their reviews on Tripadvisor.

One person said: “One of the worst days and I will never be going again there – was nothing but food and drink and the stalls were English – when you go to Germany, that’s a market.

“I go all over the country and Lincoln was the best one ever and now gone – I will never going to Birmingham again ever.”

Another user said: “If you are Thinking of going to Birmingham Christmas market don’t bother. How it can be classed as a market is beyond me.”

They added: “Over priced booze-up, really disappointing. If I could have given zero I would. Will never go back.”

A third said: “Nothing for children. Overpriced. Not authentically German, an English enterprise, pretending to be German (probably importing frozen bratwursts & beers), not a German accent in sight. In a nutshell, disappointing.”

A fourth user had the same point to make, they said: “Pathetic. The only thing Germanic was a few stalls selling German beer and gluhwein and a few stalls selling bratwurst and supposedly currywurst. 

“No Christmas music, Nothing typically German, i.e.wooden nutcrackers. One hour was more than enough.”

A spokesperson from Birmingham City Council told “The Frankfurt Christmas Market brings millions of visitors into the city each year, providing a huge economic boost and we are proud that the market also provides jobs for over 350 local people working alongside German staff.”

The market will be in operation until December 24.

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