Goring primary schools keeps good rating in latest Ofsted Brighton News

Goring CE Primary School in Mulberry Lane, Goring, was inspected in November and received a good rating in the report published on Wednesday. 

The school, part of the Diocese of Chichester, is state-funded, but the diocese contributes to building costs and has a role in the running of the school. 

In the report, written by lead inspector Zoe Enser, the school is praised for its pupils who enjoy coming to school and learn well.

The report said: “Pupils enjoy coming to school and the majority attend regularly. Pupils demonstrate the school’s values of faith, love and respect in all they do. They engage politely with staff and each other.

“Pupils are taught how to keep themselves safe, including online. They know how to report any concerns they have and are confident to do so.

“Pupils understand what bullying is and are clear that unkindness is never tolerated and, if it does happen, it is dealt with quickly and effectively. Pupils are learning well, especially in the core subjects.”

The glowing report also said how the pupils are curious to learn more. 

There was just one point where the school was told to improve.

After the inspection, which took place on November 7 and 8, Ms Enser wrote: “In some subjects, teachers do not always check pupils’ learning carefully enough to ensure pupils remember and build on the specific knowledge being taught.

“As a result, pupils’ learning is not secured as consistently as it could be and pupils are not always really clear about the key concepts that run through a subject. The school needs to continue to provide clear support and guidance to all staff, so that assessment processes are implemented consistently and effectively.”

The school maintained its good rating overall and was inspected as part of a so-called “ungraded” inspection, when Ofsted goes to a good-rated school around once every four years to confirm that the school remains good. 

A spokeswoman for Ofsted said: “We do not give graded judgements on an ungraded inspection.

“However, if we find evidence that a school would now receive a higher or lower grade, then the next inspection will be a graded inspection.”

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