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‘I trusted my husband more than anyone – turns out he was cheating with my mum’ | UK | News UK News

A woman has revealed how she found out her husband was cheating – with her own mother. Katherine, from Idaho, US, shared the heartbreaking story on TikTok after a number of “red flags” presented themselves.

But Katherine, who has twin daughters with her now ex, said she didn’t want to believe that the two people she “trusted the most in this whole world” could betray her.

The confused mum of two said her husband “started giving my mom foot rubs in front of me”.

She said: “On Valentine’s Day, two days before I found out about the affair, he brought home flowers for me and for my mom.”

And on one occasion Katherine says the pair revealed that they’d get together if Katherine and her father were to die.

She said: “So why didn’t I ever say anything? Why didn’t I ever bring it up to my mom or my husband? Because I didn’t want to believe it was happening.

“I didn’t want to accept that the two people I trusted the most in this whole world could betray me like that. So I would make up any excuse I could for their behavior.”

At that point several family members started to share their suspicions – including her gran who said she’s seen the pair acting strangely.

According to one sister on Christmas Day she had walked into the kitchen and their mother was leaning over the counter fully clothed – but with Katherine’s husband’s groin pressed up against her behind.

And her dad also had his concerns – so Katherine confronted her husband.

She said: “He admitted to the whole affair.

“He admitted to everything in detail. He told me about how horrible of a wife and a mom I was and that he deserves better. He had no remorse. In fact, he seemed proud.

“And after he admitted to having an affair with my mom in my bed, he immediately began to talk about how we were gonna split custody and what we were gonna do with the house.”

She added: “I think it’d be so different had we been estranged or didn’t have a relationship. But my mom was my best friend.”

The affair was short lived but Katherine says she hasn’t seen her mum for two years – and sees her ex “almost daily” to co-parent their children.

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