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Incredible man travels across the UK to give homeless boy, 8, a Christmas present | UK | News UK News

An incredible man travelled across the UK in order to bring presents to a homeless boy on Christmas Eve.

It comes after the boy asked “how is Santa going to find me?” when being interviewed by the BBC as he was made homeless in Cardiff for Christmas. Following the broadcast, Shane Yerrell, 40, set up a fundraiser to buy presents for Marcel Struk, eight, and his mum Sarah, 42.

Mr Yerrell travelled from Waltham Abbey in Essex to give the pair their presents on Christmas Eve, also gifting them £700 in cash. Ms Struk and her son, who has learning difficulties, were evicted from their rented flat when their landlord sold up and left them with nowhere else to go.

The pair were moved into a hotel room by Cardiff Council just over three months ago, meaning they will spend the festive period there including Christmas Day.

During the BBC interview, Ms Struk said: “No kid should ever say that. They shouldn’t have to worry about Christmas and whether he’s going to get presents or not.”

The widowed mother also explained how Marcel did not fully understand why they were living in a hotel and was finding it hard to adjust. She added: “He doesn’t really sleep that much because he wakes up scared a lot in the night because of the banging and people moving around in the hotel. He wakes up saying, ‘I don’t like the dark’ and screaming.”

Mr Yerrell, who is mayor of the Essex town he lives in, contacted Sarah via social media to let her know he wanted to help and the pair have kept in touch since.

He said: “When I came across the documentary, I found it heartbreaking. A lot of my friends said the same. I don’t think anyone should be made homeless, but especially a child with a learning disability as well.

“The fact that they were sharing a room – I felt gutted for them. I know there is a housing shortage, but just to be in that situation at any time is difficult, but especially before Christmas. I just wanted to help – you don’t have to know someone to make a difference or help them through their struggle.”

Marcel smiled from ear to ear when receiving the gifts, with his mother telling Wales Online Mr Yerrell’s act of kindness was “overwhelming”.

She said: “We’re complete strangers, Shane has never met me in my life, I find it really generous he’s done something like that. I was worried that Marcel was going to have a rubbish Christmas given by circumstances but this year he will have a fab Christmas thanks to people who donated. I am very thankful from the bottom of my heart – thank you so, so much.”

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