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Sick fans have been sending baby killer Lucy Letby Christmas cards in prison | UK | News UK News

Twisted fans of convicted baby killer Lucy Letby are sending the murderer Christmas cards while she is locked up.

A following who believe Letby is innocent of her horrific crimes – or who cast doubt over the accuracy of the verdict – has grown in various social media groups. They have been sharing the Christmas cards they are sending the killer while insisting there should be a retrial, or demanding she be let out entirely.

The 33-year-old nurse was sentenced to 14 rare whole-life orders in August for the murders of seven premature babies and the attempted murders of six more. The killer injected babies with air and overfed them with milk in the Countess of Chester Hospital’s neonatal unit between June 2015 and June 2016.

In one group dedicated to the killer, which is named “Lucy Letby Supportive Group”, a man shared a photo of an angel and wrote: “Cried myself to sleep again last night thinking about lovely Lucy locked up in that awful place.

“Oh please lord, free poor Mrs Letby and make those wicked consultants pay for the lies they told about her!!!! Please keep Lucy in your thoughts this Christmas everyone.”

The description of the group says it is a “positive group” that “have empathy, compassion and love for her, regardless of her convictions”.

While another group, titled “Nurse Lucy Letby Group” shared a picture of a Christmas card they said they intended to send to the murderer. They wrote with it: “Christmas for our Lucy will be a very sentimental time. You who care about her may want to send her a Christmas Card.

“Sadly she is very isolated and a message will let her know that there are some of us who are thinking of her and she is not forgotten.”

It has been reported that Letby is spending her incarceration in a privately-run jail while receiving round-the-clock protection after being moved to HMP Bronzefield near Ashford, Surrey.

Others described her conviction as the “UK’s worst miscarriage of justice in living memory. May she have a peaceful blessed Christmas and be released very soon.”

A further post read: “I deeply feel sorry for her and would like to wish her a Happy Christmas and I’m proud of her.”

And its not the only round of letters the killer will be receiving from her conspiratorial fans, who are also urging one another to send her letters ahead of her 34th birthday on January 4.

Another added: “With Lucy’s Birthday incoming (4th Jan) who is thinking of, or is planning to send her a card? Who wants to do so but feels shame and stigma around doing so? Do you think this makes you a ‘weirdo’ ‘freak’ ‘baby killer lover’ as the mainstream would label you and wish you to feel?

“I’d say go with your heart….reaching out to anyone in a bad situation is commendable regardless of the scenario….it takes guts, courage and bravery to do so, what’s so weird about that??!”

A source told the Sun: “Letby seems happy as Larry. She is in a nice cell and on her own. The facilities at Bronzefield are much nicer than most jails, because its privately run.

“She is with prisoners who have earned more rights to watch TV, spend their cash and have visits. It is a disgrace and it’s no wonder she’s been looking so happy. She seems to be treated with kid gloves because of who she is.”

A Bronzefield spokesman said at the time: “We can’t comment on individual cases.”

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