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Christmas dinner ‘ruined’ by £2.60 turkey dinosaur substitution | UK | News UK News

Two families say their Christmas was “ruined” after their giant turkeys were substituted for a children’s lunchtime classic.

Cassie Rule, 34, was left stunned when Morrisons swapped her actual turkey for a bag of Bernard Matthews frozen Turkey Dinosaurs. She planned to use the bird to feed six people, but was raging when she faced serving up the £2.30 bag of dinosaurs instead of her £37 bird that ended up in her online basket.

The beauty therapist told the Daily Star she was furious when the delivery arrived on Christmas Eve. She said: “We’re going to have to eat that is that is all we have now. I can’t spend Christmas Eve rushing around to find another turkey – it’s too late.

 “It just won’t be the same without a proper turkey.”

Cassie wasn’t the only disgruntled shopper on Christmas Day. Another man took to social media platform X to say he had the same issue but from another major supermarket.

Allan Edgar said: “I ordered an @asda delivery for today and instead of the turkey I ordered for Christmas they substituted it for Bernard Matthews Turkey Dinosaurs …… I’m not amused.”

Many users on social media however said they wouldn’t be opposed to the substitution. Some even said they could go quite nicely with roast potatoes and the trimmings.

One commenter wrote: “Just seen a woman who has ordered an ASDA home delivery but they’ve subbed her turkey for Bernard Matthew’s turkey dinosaurs and I’ve absolutely lost my mind – I reckon turkey dinosaurs with some roasties and gravy would be a top tier Christmas dinner.”

While another said: “That dinner will be a roaring success. It will be even more of a success if they role play as the Flintstones.”

A third said: “Just half cook them, mash them up, and you’ve got a lovely turkey meatloaf…”

Asda and Morrisons are yet to comment.

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