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Only those with eyes like a hawk can spot the hidden Santa in under 18 seconds | UK | News UK News

If you’re able to see through the post-Christmas haze of cold turkey sandwiches and discarded wrapping paper, this brainteaser will test your focus and your eyesight.

Before you lies a collection of classic festive objects – but hidden somewhere among them is the elusive Santa Claus. It may sound easy to spot the jolly, well-rounded harbinger of Christmas, but he is instead incredibly well hidden.

Motorpoint have created this brainteaser to test your eyesight and your cognitive ability. Only those with eyes like a hawk can find him – but if you’re struggling, not to worry, the answer is below. See if you can spot him in under 18 seconds!

Did you manage to find him? Let us know in the comments! No worries if not, the answer is circled above.

Brain teasers are great to improve cognitive skills that help in enhancing problem-solving skills and memory. By doing so, you are also working to stave off issues such as dementia, by working out your brain like a muscle.

They are also a great way of focusing your mind on something. For more brainteasers on, click here.

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