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Vets across the UK have seen a worrying trend among pet owners.

A survey from consumer champion Which? found eight out of 10 people think treatments for their pets are too expensive. It came after they polled 2,000 people across the UK.

Sue Davies, the head of consumer protection policy at Which?, said its “findings show that shopping around and getting reliable information about paying for veterinary services is much more difficult than it should be”.

The study found 36% of pet owners were only told the cost after the appointment when they reach reception. While 27% said they doubted whether treatment was actually necessary for their pet, reports BirminghamLive.

The survey revealed 53% of people went ahead of the treatment anyway. Although more experienced pet owners felt more likely to refuse.

A respondent from the survey said: “I’m worried that if I refuse the treatment from the vet, my pet will get worse. So although I doubt that these treatments are valuable, I still choose to treat.”

Lisa Saunders took her dog, who is on a special diet due to his severe food allergies, to the vet when he began passing blood and diarrhoea, Which? said. Around £700 and various consultations, blood tests and antibiotics later, and her dog wasn’t getting any better.

She told the watchdog: “I was handing out my money thinking please just make my dog well.”

Lisa eventually saw a fourth vet at the same practice and was told the antibiotics could have made him worse. The final vet said he would have recovered on his own.

The vet took him off of all medication and, eventually, he got better. Which? found that just over a quarter of pet owners had at some point doubted whether a treatment recommended by their vet was really necessary. Less than half refused the treatment and overall one in seven pet owners went ahead with treatment they doubted was necessary.

I was handing out my money thinking please just make my dog well

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