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A distressed mother took to social media to reveal she “kicked out” her daughter during the festive holidays after she revealed she was pregnant yet again. She had been living with her rent-free daughter and her six children, but when her kin said that baby number seven was on the way, it was the final straw.

The mother shared her exasperation on Reddit, under the “AITA” (Am I The A**hole) tag, a forum where users discuss who is in the wrong in social situations. The social media user, who goes by the name of Miserable-Day-8244 had posted the question “AITA for kicking my daughter out of my house for being pregnant?”

To add more context to the situation, the mother explained that her daughter is 27 years old, and has six children with three different fathers. The father of her youngest grandchildren is her daughters’ fiancé, and he also lives in her house.

The mother had initially allowed her daughter and her husband-to-be to live in the house, so that they could “save money to get a home”. However, after some time living together, she is not convinced that this is the case.

She shared that they are both employed; her daughter works part time and her fiancé is a full time chef. For the last year-and-a-half, they had all been living together after the couple were evicted from their previous lodging, with the six children living in two bedrooms, which the grandmother said is “crowded”.

As well as allowing her daughter and her large family to live rent free, she also helps her with her phone bill, which she said they are “constantly” asking for. “I have put up with loud voices throughout all the hours, and waking up at different times to cater to the children, because I love my grandchildren”, the grandmother shared.

“I never complained to my daughter because I believe family is very important. It’s just that my children are all grown up, my youngest moved out 4 years ago”. She then went on to say that she and her husband had “hopes to remodel”, and that they didn’t “expect them to be living here this long”.

“On Christmas Eve, my daughter gathered us all around and announced they were pregnant with baby #7. Everyone was all excited but I felt dread.

“That would mean another child in our house with not much room. I looked over at my husband and could tell he felt the same, we discussed later and decided we were going to have to ask them to move out.

“Last night at dinner I brought it up to my daughter and her boyfriend and we told them, they have two months to find a place because we cannot have another child here. My daughter started crying, saying she couldn’t believe I’d throw her to the streets for having a baby, that this was completely unfair and not enough time.

“I told her I was sorry, it was painful for me as well me as well, but these living conditions were impossible. She demanded I give her more time or she’d go to the courts and I told her news flash, the courts only give you 30 days. “

The daughter shared her anger on Facebook, asking people for rooms to rent because “she’s pregnant and has nowhere to go and her family don’t give a sh*t about her”. The mother also recalled that her daughter told her that her “grandchildren were going to be homeless because [she] was selfish”.

Further explaining the situation, the mother shared: “I had tried setting boundaries and constantly asking my daughter when they were planning on moving out after their youngest was born [and] if they were going to get their own place.

“They really needed more room, which my daughter had said, “Yes” [and said] they were looking multiple times and even went to a few open houses. Then my daughter said they were unable and she was on maternity leave which eventually turned into her quitting.

“She just got this job a few months ago [that] she got by my husband pressuring her to work because they were harassing us for money. My issue is that I’ve always been too nice.”

Most of the Reddit users were quick to come to the posters’ defence, saying: “Your daughter has been having babies since she was 16 years old. If she hasn’t figured out how not to get pregnant by now, she never will. Anyone who tells a relative who lets their family live rent-free in their home [that] they’d take them to court after they are asked to move out, never intended for it to be a temporary arrangement.”

Another added: “ I am sorry for you, and hope you can remain strong. Start by steering your daughter and Baby Daddy three to Social Services to see what resources are available to them, because the parental ATM should have closed a long time ago”.

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