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A study by tour operator Ski Vertigo delved into gym-related resolutions by analysing Google searches for gym membership terms.

The analysis centred on keywords related to gym memberships and their cancellations.

By comparing the number of searches for signing up against those for cancellation from December to February last year, it found the rate at which people give up on their fitness resolutions.

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The top ten counties with the highest cancellation search rates:

1. East Sussex – 45.45 per cent

2. Bedfordshire – 36.36 per cent

3. Bristol – 36.36 per cent

4. Cambridgeshire – 36.36 per cent

5. Surrey – 33.33 per cent

6. South Yorkshire – 33.33 per cent

7. Leicestershire – 29.41 per cent

8. Tyne and Wear – 29.41 per cent

9. West Midlands – 29.17 per cent

10. Greater Manchester – 28.81 per cent

A spokesman from Ski Vertigo said: “The start of a new year often brings a surge of commitment to personal wellbeing but as our study shows, sustaining that enthusiasm is a common challenge. It’s not just about signing up for a gym or setting a resolution, it’s about integrating those goals into daily life in a manageable and enjoyable way.”

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