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The holiday season is coming to an end, and many people up and down the country drove home for Christmas. However, family getting back together after a while can lead to some tensions, and it might be time for some people to make their way back to normality. 

Taking to Mumsnet to share her plight, one mother has had enough of her adult children staying with her. In the ‘AIBU’ (Am I being unreasonable) thread, she posted: “I’m very very ready for my young adult children to go home now.”

Users can then vote as to whether the poster is being ‘unreasonable’. The majority of people have taken the side of the mother, with a whopping 85 percent voting that her distress is fair. 

In the post, the mother explains why her grown up children have frustrated her. “Lunch. My GOD JUST HAVE A SANDWICH. Why can’t you have lunch food? Not pasta or bagels or cooked this or that,” she complained. 

She then went on to share that they also have an “inability to take the bins out”, “work calls that take up a whole room”, and “GLASSES everywhere”. “I love them obviously,” the mother said. “But they can go home now.”

The comments were rife with fellow parents sharing similar experiences. One mother said they were “with” the original poster: “Not only cooked lunches every single day but using the most expensive, organic, unheard-of ingredients, more pans than a four-course dinner, not washing up afterwards until it suits them (like when I have to yell that there’s nothing available to cook the dinner in) and worst of all, never offering any of it to their mum!”

She then went on to say that that there were, “also cups and glasses all over the place”.

She said: “At least yours have somewhere to return to – mine had to give up their flat and are back for an indeterminate time. Hope they don’t get too comfortable…”

Looking for an explanation for her offsprings’ behaviour, the mum said that she thinks that “when you go back to your parents house, you revert to a kind of hybrid teenager/, adult and things you easily do at your own place you presume someone else is going to do.”

Not all parents agreed however, with some mums not being used to the empty nest households. “I miss mine. They’re weird about lunch, but they cook their own, sort pans and dishes, help with cooking and tidy up their own stuff. That includes their partners, I’m very lucky.”

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