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The North Norfolk coast is one of the best examples of rolling British countryside people can find.

While Norfolk has been criticised for being flat, the North Norfolk coast rises, dips, dives, and curls as it hugs the coast and threads its way through one seaside town after another.

Although these villages and hamlets can be driven past in a matter of seconds some of them are worth stopping in, particularly because of their famous pasts.

One seaside town, however, is often overshadowed by its posh neighbour that has its own fascinating history.

Cley-next-to-the-Sea is sometimes overlooked because it sits so close to Blakeney just a few hundred metres west, but it packs its own punch.

Famous musician James Blunt once owned the windmill that dominates the town’s skyline. According to Norfolk Live, the building was passed down through the singer’s family until his family sold it in 2005.

In an interview, in 2005, Mr Blunt said: “I’ve spent much time up there. A lot of it was at school as well and my dad was sent abroad so often as well with the army. It’s always been his home and he was completely brought up there.”

Today, the windmill has been converted into a boutique hotel and attracts fee-paying visitors every year who revel in the building’s history and present eccentricity.

The windmill has become so famous that it has been described as “one of the most painted and photographed sites in the country”.

However, the windmill isn’t the only attraction in Cley. The town is also home to several shops, pubs and cafes that draw in visitors all the way from London.

Away from the high street, Cley backs onto the famous Norfolk Marshes which have received rave reviews from visitors. Christopher S (no relation) wrote: “Stopped here for a drink and bite to eat during our walk in the area.

“Hot chocolate and cake were excellent and the staff were very friendly. Views across the marshes were very good and it would have been interesting to spend more time there if we had not been walking. Definitely worth a visit if you like the bird life.”

Simon C added: “A great location for a lunch or just a quick coffee and a piece of cake 🙂 … Beautiful location overlooking the marshes. Abundance of bird life. Easily accessible. Public transport links and also car parking on site.

“Friendly staff and a nice gift shop. Support the charity and have a great day at the same time. Bird hides available.”

Sarah P commented: “My husband and I have been coming here for years to walk between the windmill and the beach. We like to get a snack from picnic fayre then walk down to the beach through the marshes with a pair of binoculars then skim stones on the beach.”

On the beach, Bluebelplasnewydd said: “This whole area is flatlands and wetlands. There is a drivable track to the beach and a small car park at £2-3. The beach is shingle, straight with amazing almost endless vistas in both directions disappearing into the list when we visited. There were plenty of bird watchers and also fishermen taking their boats onto the shore before winter.”

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