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A popular seaside town in the UK always bustling with tourists has issued the most parking tickets during the last financial year. The latest data shows that Brighton and Hove’s city council has made a staggering profit of £30 million from parking.

The data analysed by shows that Brighton & Hove fined parked cars more than any local authority outside of London. The data was collated by the government of UK of local authorities in England for the financial year 2022-23.

The stats also showed that on-street penalty notices in the popular seaside town reached £11.6 million last year. The council there made a profit of £30.2 million from all forms of parking charges, which is also the most of any council outside of London.

Portsmouth had the next largest fines revenue outside of London at £8.2 million, followed by Manchester at £7.3 million.

Last year, the parking charges on the seafront in Brighton and Hove, East Sussex, increased from £1.40 an hour to a whopping £5.60 an hour.

As part of several changes agreed at Budget Council back in February last year, the increases will apply to on-street parking charges.

The changes appeared on the PayByPhone parking app on October 30. Hikes to parking charges at Stanmer Park, East Brighton, and Preston Park car parks were introduced on November 3.

The proposed changes were criticised by several residents who called it a “daylight robbery” and “shocking greed” in the middle of a cost of living crisis, reported The Sun.

Janine Edwards, 45, told the publication: “This is the latest example of daylight robbery by the council. So many disabled and elderly people simply won’t be able to afford to go out.

“The rise is absolutely massive. It’s abhorrent profiteering. Why can’t they just put charges up by inflation? It is so unfair.”

The data does not drill down exactly what time of year each ticket is issued, but during the summer months the area becomes a bit of a tourist hotspot.

Some of the tourists who have been to the city have shared their parking woes on TripAdvisor. One user wrote: “I wonder if others have been caught out by parking charges for NCP Car parking in Brighton. I was aware that parking is expensive but tried to use the NCP parking app to pre book and so reduce the cost.

“I have the app but because it was less than 1 hour to my start time I was forced to pay the on the day rate. It was £17 for three hours. For comparison a 24 hour stay at short stay in Gatwick is only £22. I just hope that others visiting Brighton are aware and look around for better value options.”

Another wrote: “We were staying near Rye for the week and on a whim decided to go to Brighton for the day (by car). Not knowing the area we ended up on the sea front we just gritted our teeth and parked up at the NCP church street car park, and eventually paid £25 for the pleasure of parking five hours.

“We had a super day out in Brighton but the parking charge left a nasty taste in my mouth, and would have visited else where if we’d known the extortionate parking charges in advance. I cannot recommend Brighton as a place to visit with such charges. Avoid! There are plenty of other interesting places to visit and which don’t break the bank.”

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