Brighton addict pleads with court to send her to prison Brighton News

Susan Goodison got emotional in the dock as she asked a bench of magistrates to give her a custodial sentence so she could “detox” and kick her drug addiction.

The 44-year-old was sentenced to four weeks in prison at Brighton Magistrates’ Court this afternoon.

The court heard that Goodison assaulted another resident following an argument in Regency Square, Brighton, on May 2 last year.

Goodison, of North Road, Brighton, had a knuckle duster on a lanyard around her neck which she had for “self-protection”.


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Her defence lawyer Linda Filby said: “She requests that you give her a short custodial sentence, she wants to go into prison to detox. She thinks that will be the best way.

“She bought the item from Amazon. I also express some concern that it was available online. She did not realise it was illegal and had it for self-protection.”

Chair of the bench Nigel Peacock explained that a custodial sentence may not be the best thing for Goodison.

A community order was going to be issued but it was explained that she was likely not to comply with this.

Goodison got emotional in the dock.

She said to her lawyer: “I am asking them to help me.”

Mr Peacock said: “We have explored the guidelines for this offence. We also have to decide whether you would cooperate [with a community order].

“It is with a heavy heart that the bench is going to sentence you to custody for four weeks.”

Goodison is able to leave after two weeks in prison.

Goodison thanked the magistrates as they passed sentence.

She has been ordered to pay £85 in costs.

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