Sussex pet owners warned of dangers of grit to dogs and cats Brighton News

Rock salts used on roads and pavements can cause serious harm to pets with warnings of burns, vomiting and kidney failure as the cold snap hits.

The news comes as Sussex experiences a cold snap with temperatures dropping well below freezing.

Rob Steele, of animal company PetSafe, said: “We’d like to remind pet-owners of the dangers associated with rock salt used on roads and pavements as temperatures and snow fall, and we’re urging them to be cautious.


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“The rock salt, or grit, used to melt snow is very toxic to dogs – and cats. Those tiny granules can really irritate the skin on their paws – especially if they’re dry and cracked – and the chemicals that grit contains can also burn them.”

Owners have been advised to wipe down their pets’ feet and fur after they come indoors to minimise the risk.

Walking dogs away from gritted areas has also been advised. Anyone worried their pet has ingested rock salt immediately is told to contact their vet.

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This notice was published: 2024-01-17 13:00:00

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