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The red and blue teams were joined by host Natasha Raskin Sharp at the Ardingly Antiques Fair in West Sussex.

However, many of those watching were left furious after the red team broke one of the show’s rules.

The red team was comprised of business owner Jenny and her daughter Caitlin. They were guided by Raj Bisram as they attempted to find an item linked to the Arts and Crafts movement.

The blue team was made up of father and son duo Vere and Ben who were joined by expert David Harper. They were tasked with finding an item with a Japanese connection.

Ahead of the auction, the items were looked at by Tim Forrester who gave his verdict on them.

However, a brooch (believed to be from the Arts and Crafts movement) purchased by Jenny and Caitlin stood out to him and went on to cause controversy for the BBC show.

Bargain Hunt host Natasha had raised doubts about the brooch, something shared by Tim. 

Despite this, it seemed as though the item was “inspired by the movement”.

Saying that she would “loath to do it,” Natasha was forced to disqualify the item after it went to auction because it did not come from the Arts and Crafts movement.

This saw the team lose the full £90 paid for the item in what would have otherwise been a £70 loss.

Bargain Hunt viewers furious over ‘stupid’ rule and demand change

According to The Mirror, viewers were angered by the move, with one writing on X, formally known as Twitter, to say: Hate these stupid challenges and disqualifications, bring the old format back.”

One added: “Aww that’s a bit harsh.”

Another said: “Really harsh disqualifying people’s items. Leaves a bad taste in an otherwise fun and light hearted show”

Despite widespread anger, one user appeared to disagree with most, writing: “Should have followed the rules then, big business this.”

Bargain Hunt airs weekdays from 12:15pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

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