Storm Isha: Sussex could be hit by tornadoes amid strong winds Brighton News

The county is in the throes of a Met Office yellow warning for wind, in place from noon today until noon tomorrow. 

The weather service has warned of possible disruption to road, rail, air and ferry transport, along with a chance of power outages and delays on exposed routes.

From 6pm today, even stronger winds are set to batter the coast and an amber warning for wind is in place until 6am tomorrow. 

The storm has prompted the Tornado and Storm Research Organisation (Torro) to issue its own warning, with a risk of tornadoes in Sussex from 8pm tonight until 7am tomorrow. 

On its website, Torro warned of isolated tornadoes, wind gusts of up to 80mph and hail

A spokesman for Torro said: “One or two tornadoes are possible.”

The Argus: Torro's tornado map. Red means strong tornadoes are possible, yellow means tornados are possible.Torro’s tornado map. Red means strong tornadoes are possible, yellow means tornados are possible. (Image: TORRO)

The warning is slightly less severe than for Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland, which are on “tornado watch”. 

Two tornadoes struck Littlehampton and Wick within weeks of each other last autumn.

Tornadoes are a rapidly rotating column of air that reaches between the base of a storm cloud and the ground.

They form in very unsettled weather conditions as part of severe thunderstorms.

Around 30 tornadoes a year are reported in the UK. While they are typically small and short-lived, they can cause structural damage if they pass over a built-up area.

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