here are the ten things to know-

The Genoa accident that caused the death of a young mother brings attention back to scooters and their correct use. Here are ten basic rules for driving as safely as possible.

1) Electric scooters can circulate: in the city, on roads with the limit of 50 km / h, on cycle paths and in pedestrian areas; out of town, only on cycle paths.

2 The limit of 25 km / h on roads and cycle paths; 6 km / h in pedestrian areas.

3 From half an hour after sunset (or during the day in dark conditions) you only drive with the lights (front and rear) and the retro-reflective jacket.

4 Sidewalks and ring roads are prohibited.

5 They are equivalent to bikes and must be parked in the same spaces.

6 No driving license and insurance are required.

7 It is used from 14 years. Helmet compulsory for minors.

8 For those who violate these provisions, the fine ranges from 100 to 400 euros.

9 The braking is not very ready. You need a long and peripheral vision, and you have to slow down at intersections. The small wheels pose stability problems in maneuvering and could get stuck on the roughness. In short: juggling with the scooter is not easy, you have to do your hand.

10 Prices start at under 100 euros. A decent model approaches 200. But the top ones cost around 700, with 10-inch anti-puncture wheels and a range of 60/70 km. All must have the CE marking required by Directive 2006/42 / CF.

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