Auschwitz Memorial asks Amazon to withdraw from sale several Christmas items bearing the effigy of the concentration camp

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Embellished with a photo of the Nazi extermination camp, un bottle opener is for example sold a dozen euros.

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Sell “Christmas ornaments with images of Auschwitz does not seem appropriate”. In a tweet published on Sunday December 1, officials at the Nazi concentration camp memorial located in Poland asks Amazon to withdraw from sale certain items easily found on the site of the retail giant.

The message refers in particular to … a bottle opener. The object, which franceinfo found on the Amazon site, is described as a “souvenir gift ideal “. Embellished with a photo from Auschwitz, it is sold for a dozen euros. That’s not all: a decoration to hang on his tree represents the facade of the concentration camp. LThose in charge of the memorial point the finger at an initiative “disturbing and disrespectful.” At the time of posting this article, the owner’s website Jeff Bezos had not reacted.

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