With Republigram, the internet makes fun of Emmanuel Macron’s communication


An internet user created a photo generator from images posted on the Head of State’s Instagram account to promote the fight against Covid-19.

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A trendy typeface, a slogan that hits the mark, a random photo: Republigram invites Internet users to take themselves for a political communicator. By parodying, copying and customizing the style of Emmanuel Macron’s communication, this “presidential photo generator” makes the web laugh.

It all started with a communication campaign on the President’s Instagram account to promote the fight against Covid-19 and raise awareness of barrier gestures. Photos of Emmanuel Macron were posted with slogans written in two different fonts: “Wash your hands”, “wear the mask”, “ventilate the room”, “install All anti-Covid”...

Parodies began to circulate on social networks on Saturday February 6. An internet user then had the idea of ​​creating Republigram and sharing his generator on Twitter. His message posted on Monday February 8 has been retweeted more than 3,000 times.

Internet users are immediately given to their heart’s content, pinning the political class in the process.

“These photos made me think of reusable image templates”, explains to RTBF the creator of Republigram, Martin Le Hénand, artistic director in an advertising agency. This is something I had already done for clients to facilitate the work of community managers“, he adds, specifying that he also thought of the book cover generator Martine.


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