a ransom demanded to decrypt the data


After the cyberattack on the night of Monday to Tuesday, February 9, the Dax hospital center in the Landes is operating slowly. The phone has partially returned. But most of the computer data is made inaccessible by ransomware.

Crisis meetings are linked at the Dax hospital center in the Landes where the director of the Nouvelle Aquitaine regional health agency is expected this Thursday, February 11 at 3:30 p.m.

The cyber attack, carried out during the night from Monday to Tuesday, continues to paralyze the proper functioning of the establishment.
According to the mayor of Dax, Julien Dubois, chairman of the hospital’s supervisory board, we should not expect a return to normal for at least 15 days.

The diagnostic phase of the computer network continues. According to an inside source, most of the hospital’s computer data is inaccessible. Neither patient medical records nor “business” software are available for consultation. Only the switchboard, out of service until Wednesday morning, is partially functioning again.

The entire computer network is down. It is the entire “backbone” of the establishment that is affected.

Julien Dubois, chairman of the hospital’s supervisory board

During the attack, the perpetrator (s) blocked access to data, particularly medical data. These are always present on the internal servers, confirms the communication department of the hospital center. But “ransomware” has been downloaded by the attacker (s). In short: you must now pay to unlock access.

Our priority is to secure the care of patients, those already hospitalized and those who continue to be. There is no evacuation from the hospital. But clearly, we are operating in slow motion. We brought out the pens and paper!

Communication unit of the Dax Hospital Center

“We don’t know how long it can last”

A cyberattack: the scenario feared by all hospitals, we entrust internally. We do not know how long this can last and that is surely what is most worrying.
Rodolphe Jarry, Dax prosecutor, confirms that the computer attack is large-scale.

We were seized late in this matter. But given the scale of the attack that affected all IT and telephony, I chose to relinquish the case in favor of the Paris prosecutor’s office, which has a cell to fight cybercrime.

Rodolphe Jarry, Prosecutor of Dax

Paris prosecutor’s office confirms ransom demand reports France Bleu Gascogne.
An investigation is opened for breach of a data processing system implemented by the State by organized gang, modification and fraudulent introduction of data and extortion in an organized band and criminal association.

COVID 19 vaccination center suspended and independent doctors solicited

Only the most serious emergencies continue to be taken care of. The arrival of new patients is limited to the maximum.

The network of private doctors is called upon to provide support to the hospital establishment where continuity of care is ensured, specifies Julien Dubois.

We also ask the hospitals of the region and the surroundings to take care of certain patients, for example those in radiotherapy, in oncology, where it is imperative to have computer tools.

Julien Dubois, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Dax Hospital

The COVID 19 vaccination center installed at the Dax hospital is suspended until further notice, he confirms. Patient records are 100% computerized and therefore unusable.

Other similar attacks in recent months in France

The National Information Systems Security Agency was contacted by the Landes Prefecture. ANSSI is the national authority for the security and defense of information systems. She is currently supporting the teams at the Dax hospital center in an attempt to restore the situation.

This is not the first time that a French hospital has been the victim of similar attacks.
Last December, the Narbonne hospital center was hacked with ransomware, as well as that of Albertville-Moutiers. In 2019, the Rouen University Hospital had already been affected by a major cyber attack.


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