Lancia Ypsilon, the story continues –

Perhaps more than the novelty of the umpteenth Ypsilon, the real news that Lancia is not a brand, as many feared, left to itself. Indeed, the new CEO Luca Napolitano (formerly Fiat) has indeed confirmed that in Turin and France people are working frantically to relaunch all brands. And if on the one hand he obviously cannot confirm the rumors about the birth of a sort of premium polo made up of Lancia, Alfa Romeo and DS with components in common, on the other he does not deny that Lancia’s future would be veering in the right direction.

Luca Napolitano
Luca Napolitano

What about the new Ypsilon instead? Not much: it has a very long career behind it made up of 35 years of success on the Italian market and the desire to continue to be a best in class in its segment. It was presented by Luca Napolitano himself in a virtual conference and is making its debut in dealerships in recent weeks. It is yet another variant on the theme of the chic city that since 2011 has always been on the podium in the B segment, distinguishing itself for style and elegance. In 2020, Ypsilon reached the second best quota since the launch in 2011 equal to 13.9%, adding, among other things, the Hybrid variant.

There are obviously no revolutions in style: on the outside there is a new grille, new LED headlights and a new metallic color: Elegant Blue. Inside there are two trim levels: Silver and Gold. The first is lined with technical fabrics in gray and blue shades. In Gold the colors play on black and blue combinations. Another novelty is the adoption of SeaqualYarn, a material created by recycling the plastic collected in the Mediterranean.

Inside there is a new infotainment system with 7 ”touchscreen radio and availability of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Ypsilon offers the new EcoChic Kit as standard on all the range, consisting of the particulate polyphenol Prime cabin air filter for better air quality. The engine range includes three units: the Hybrid, with the 1-liter 70 HP 3-cylinder Firefly petrol which is flanked by the 69 HP LPG and 70 HP CNG versions.

As for prices, the range starts at 9,500 euros if you use incentives. Best wishes to the new Ypsilon, but above all a big good luck to the Lancia. Losing a historic brand like the Turin one on the street would have been an unforgivable mistake.

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