the secret of the Cinturato All Season SF2 by Pirelli-

In the all-season tire segment, which is growing on the Italian market, the new Pirelli Cinturato All Season SF2 makes its début, already available for 65 models with sizes between 15 and 20 inches. The novelty is the adaptive tread, thanks to changes in the design and compound. On the first front, the new technology allows the tread sipes to remain open when driving in winter and low-temperature conditions to facilitate better braking on snow. On the other hand, when braking on dry or wet surfaces, the sipes close – increasing the stiffness of the blocks – to generate greater grip on the road surface. The excellent performance has been verified by the SD TV certification body, which awarded the Performance Mark to the new Bicocca product.

The side recesses are also new, thanks to which the water can be expelled faster (14.2 liters per second), to avoid problems and dangers due to aquaplaning. As for the compound, thanks to the use of new biphasic polymers chemically linked to silica particles, the Cinturato All Season FP2 can soften or stiffen depending on the external temperature, so as to always work at its best, behaving like winter or summer classics . Great attention was also paid to rolling resistance – to improve fuel consumption – and to the life of the tire itself, which has increased by 50% compared to the previous generation of all-season models in the Cinturato family. Then there is the silent running, with a lowering of 2dB between SF1 and SF2.

The Pirelli Cinturato All Season SF2 family born not only for endothermic cars, but also for plug-in and electric hybrids thanks to the Elect range, designed specifically for models with rechargeable batteries. Thanks to the specific compound and design, rolling resistance and noise are further reduced, so as to maximize mileage and not disturb the silence of electric driving. Then there are the versions with Seal Inside technology, able to withstand deep punctures up to 4mm, and in the Run Flat version, to be able to travel up to 80 km / h even in case of pressure loss.

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