Telepass clears the subscription fee for motorcyclists –

Telepass announces reset the subscription fee for the Telepass Family electronic toll service for all motorcyclists who have activated the Motorcycle Discount at a Punto Blu or a Telepass store and who already own the Telepass Pay Plus payment services or the Telepass Pay offer X or that they will join it by the end of April 2021. The free Telepass Family fee will be recognized as long as the customer simultaneously retains ownership of the Telepass Family, with the Motorcycle Discount active, and of one of the aforementioned Telepass Pay offers. Motorcyclists who already own the Telepass Family device connected to their motorcycles and have activated the Motorcycle Discount, by joining one of the aforementioned Telepass Pay offers by next April, will have the Telepass Family subscription fee reset to zero from the month after joining. To activate the Telepass Pay offers and have access to the payment circuit of the integrated mobility services, just download the relevant app available for iOS and Android devices.

Those who have not yet subscribed to a Telepass Family subscription connected to his motor vehicle, he therefore has the opportunity to activate it without paying the relevant subscription fee, if he activates the Motorbike Discount and also adheres to one of the aforementioned Telepass Pay offers by April 2021. Telepass Pay allows fast payment of integrated and connected services to new styles of mobility, without the use of cash, using only your smartphone: from cashless payment of fuel, to parking and taxi, up to the train and ski pass and to the rental of scooters, bikes and scooters electrical.

The 30% discount on the toll has also been renewed for 2021 for motorcycles equipped with a Telepass Family device on motorway sections managed by the concessionary companies participating in the Motorcycle Discount initiative. Introduced in July 2017, the Motorcycle Discount had already been renewed, on several occasions, until the end of 2020. Today the extension is made official and the discounted rate modulation of 30% will therefore be valid until December 31, 2021. It is also active retroactively from 1 January 2021 for all customers who previously joined the initiative and will continue to be implemented with the same methods already in operation in previous years. The ways to benefit from the Motorcycle Discount for motorcyclists do not change: for those who do not have it, it is necessary to sign up for a Telepass Family subscription and combine it exclusively with a motorcycle. Those who already have the Telepass Family with the Motorcycle Discount active can go to the toll booth and take advantage of the discount provided. The measure can only be activated for motor vehicles admitted to circulation on the motorway and the modulation cannot be combined with other discounts, such as, for example, that provided for commuter customers. Aiscat rejected the possibility of associating a second motorcycle license plate with a Telepass Family device and at the same time maintaining the Motorcycle Discount.

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