A plug-in hybrid lightning bolt: the new two-seater McLaren Artura | Photo

A McLaren that is a real McLaren, because it goes from zero to one hundred in three seconds and reaches 330 per hour just because of a speed limiter. And for it consumes, according to the approved data, only 5.5 liters of petrol per 100 kilometers. Not a science fiction film but the essence of that (not too much) small revolution called Artura, an unprecedented High Performance Hybrid just unveiled by the English brand within the spectacular Technology Center in Woking.

Right there, parading between cars who have made the history of the sector and racing, Daniel Ricciardo has brought to the spotlight what is the first two-seater V6 plug-in hybrid in McLaren history, obviously traveling with zero emissions. Yes, because the Artura, thanks to the 7.4 kWh batteries that recharge in about two and a half hours with a domestic socket, travels 30 kilometers and up to 130 hours without consuming a drop of petrol. Artura marks an epochal turning point for our company, for our customers who will be able to appreciate this car both emotionally and rationally, and for the entire supercar sector, says Mike Flewitt, CEO of McLaren Automotive.

It means that this innovative coup it was developed first of all to offer a superior driving experience, as per tradition. After all, the data sheet speaks for itself: 680 horsepower and 720 Nm total, 1498 kilos of weight, carbon body specially made for the hybrid architecture, aerodynamics developed to generate downforce without the use of showy ailerons, eight-speed gearbox, proactive suspension with advanced electronic control, differential with electric torque vectoring.

These are just some of the goodies of a very particular car that, in addition to being able to travel very fast and great on the road (moreover, falling back, if not for the price of 225,000 euros, for the level of emissions, within the limits that would allow access to state incentives … ), give great joy when you decide to take it between the curbs of a circuit to tear its tires.

The tires lead to the debut another world premiere, because the Artura is the first supercar to use sensorized Pirelli P Zero covers specially developed by the Milanese manufacturer. The system is called Cyber ​​Tire and consists of a sensor in each of the tires that collects useful information to increase driving safety and software integrated into the car’s electronics.

In this way temperature and pressure not only are they monitored with greater precision than traditional valve systems, but the data can also be used to communicate with the car and driver so as to put both in the best conditions to tackle the path in front of them. To prevent aquaplaning and low-grip situations. And, in the future, also to translate the enormous untapped potential of autonomous driving into reality.

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