the sustainable performance of the suv-coupé-

Cortina d’Ampezzo (Belluno)The link between Audi and the Alpine region has deep roots, dating back to the birth, more than forty years ago, of the unique quattro all-wheel drive system. But the relationship with Cortina is even closer: for years the brand has been working with local authorities to safeguard and develop the area through the enhancement of electric mobility. Such a delicate and, from an environmental point of view, precious place deserves to be placed at the center of projects that push towards a sustainable future. A path on which Audi technological innovation meets sport, with support for the World Ski Championships, which are taking place these days.

We had a desire to work on the concepts of mobility and sustainability with a new role, that of facilitators, to use skills and ideas from a system perspective, so as to positively affect the present and future of the territory, explains Fabrizio Longo, director of Audi Italia. Thus, to celebrate the partnership, the Ingolstadt company has given a new impetus to its green strategy, accelerating the implementation of the charging infrastructure in public areas; making a fleet of 20 electrified passenger cars available to the World Cup; and finally presenting two important innovations in the electron range in Cortina, two declinations of the electric e-tron family: the Gt (right article) and the S Sportback.

The latter is a sporting interpretation (as the S added to the name indicates) of the electric SUV-coup launched in 2019. To the normal model (so to speak), it adds power, aesthetic grit and a richer endowment – in terms of technology and comfort. The project revolves around the engine. Better: to the engines. Because there are three, one on the front axle and two on the rear. In addition, as if all were not enough, the two units behind are assembled together, but they act independently – under the control of the electronics – on the individual wheels of competence. Here another innovation debuts, the torque vectoring electric, which is a device designed to give life to a sportier, more lively driving experience, and always with zero exhaust emissions.

Audi e-tron S Sportback: the sustainable performance of the suv-coup

We tried the e-tron S Sportback on the road to understand, in practice, what it means to have, in addition to an enormous amount of power (503 horsepower) and torque (973 Nm), a system that evolves the concept of quattro all-wheel drive making it faster in response and more effective not only in managing performance, but also in influencing the car’s dynamic characteristics. How does it work? Very well, since already after a few curves, on the road – whitened by a heavy snowfall – that climbs from Cortina towards Misurina, one feels like pressing the accelerator without hesitation to enjoy the powerful and silent thrust of the electric motors and to see how far you can venture out with a five-meter, 2.5-ton car.

The surprising result because the agility of the S significantly higher than that of the basic Sportback: the widened track is felt. Even downhill, with asphalt that is anything but perfect, grip and traction allow you to travel at a pace and safety well above expectations. You arrive in a whisker to the hundred hours, yet this hyper-technological beast never frightens. Of course, by playing lightly with the accelerator pedal, the declared range (379 kilometers) is halved in the blink of an eye, even if energy recovery works very well on the descent. But just find a 150 kW column (the navigator’s dynamic map helps) to recharge 80% of the batteries in half an hour.

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