Emmanuel Macron offers Mcfly & Carlito youtubers to make a video on barrier gestures


Mcfly & Carlito accepted the president’s suggestion and plan, if 10 million views are reached, to submit Emmanuel Macron to an anecdote competition.

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Emmanuel Macron has “launched a challenge” to Mcfly & Carlito youtubers and offers them to make a video to encourage the French to respect barrier gestures. The two youtubers, whose channel exceeds 6.2 million subscribers, broadcast a video on Saturday, February 19, where we see the head of state questioning them.

“I challenge you: make a video to re-explain these gestures, the importance of respecting them, of not getting together, of not taking any risks, of not having large groups, to telework as much as possible, do this very simple video and if you have 10 million views, I make a commitment, you come to shoot at the Elysée (…) It’s up to you “, declares the head of state.

The two YouTubers confide in their disbelief, explaining that they first received a phone call from the digital manager of the Elysee, thinking of a “hoax”. They were then recipients of Emmanuel Macron’s video message. Despite the political dimension of the request, Mcfly & Carlito have announced to their community their choice to accept the challenge launched by Emmanuel Macron and plan, if this was reached, to submit the President of the Republic to a competition for ‘anecdotes.

Since his election in 2017, Emmanuel Macron has changed his communication. If the presidential word was rare at the beginning of the quinquennium, “the president does [désormais] political marketing: he chooses his channels according to the target to be reached “, observed in December on franceinfo Anne-Claire Ruel, teacher in political communication. The president gave the same month an interview to the media Brut, at a time when the demonstrations for the climate and against police violence were marked by a strong mobilization of the youth.


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