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The interior of a car, the subjective (depressed) view of those driving trapped in a queue while next to it dozens of people on two wheels parading left and right making a fuss of rush hour traffic. the scene that takes shape in the mind of those who sooner or later find themselves weighing the advantages of a scooter. It happens more and more often. Thus, even if in this beginning of 2021 the market languishes (-23% registrations in January, compared to last year), the manufacturers do not stop working hard to intercept a clientele that, between returning motorcyclists and rookies, has potential of remarkable growth. With the awareness that, even if we are largely talking about two-wheeled cars, pushing on aesthetics, dimensions, performance and technology can make the difference. Here are the news.

High or low wheels? Among the small displacements this is a real choice of field. In the 100-200 cc segment the variety of the total offer both in terms of price and in terms of basic technical approach. Honda oversees all ranges as always, starting with the new, simple and lightweight Vision 110 (About 2,500 euros), now with keyless starting, and arriving at the luxurious Strength 125 (5,240 euros) with traction control, start & stop and top case with central locking. For lovers of originality and performance, the Italjet Dragster 125 soon it will reveal itself in a new guise, while Yamaha is focusing on the two new ones N Max is D’elight 125 (3,550 and 2,900 euros respectively), with 12-inch wheels, very low in consumption (in the article on the right the proof). The new proposal from Kymco, the Krv 175 that, in addition to having an uncommon displacement, the first scooter to mount a swingarm like that of real motorcycles.

Medium displacements They are a growing segment, a real alternative to cars for those who also travel outside the city. For 2021 Piaggio has renewed its bestseller Beverly, now available with new 300 or 400 cc engines, in HPE and S versions (26 and 25 horsepower, from 5,490 to 6,390 euros) and advanced equipment, with the possibility of having the smartphone communicate via Bluetooth with the on-board instrumentation. Kymco breaks the mold with the Dt X360, a sort of all-terrain crossover designed to widen the spectrum of use as much as possible even outside the city. Honda, on the other hand, has put his hand to his best seller Sh increasing the displacement to 330 cc with the adoption of a new engine of over 28 hp and a more muscular look (from 5,690 euros with windshield and keyless top box).

The maxi His Majesty Yamaha TMax, profoundly redesigned in 2020, limits itself to being beautiful and rich with the Tech Max version (13,799 euros), so in this luxurious segment where the scooter also becomes a symbol of status, the real innovation is the Honda Force 750 (11,790 euros), a 59-horsepower two-cylinder beast that gives the feeling of driving a large-displacement motorcycle, also because it is equipped with a real gearbox, albeit automatic with double clutch, as well as its off-road brother X-Adv. Engine increased in displacement for the Maxsym Tl 508 (7,990 euros), sportsman of the Taiwanese house who in a certain sense compares himself with fellow countryman Kymco Ak 550 (9,990 euros), more oriented, however, to the touring universe.

The electric world Here the planet is divided in two, between those who experiment and those who have decided instead to build utilitarian vehicles at not excessive prices, to aim for widespread diffusion. Like Askoll, who recently unveiled a stylish version of hers Ngs3 with almost 100 kilometers of autonomy (4,740 euros). Or like the new Motron brand, born from an offshoot of the Austrian group Ksr, which focuses heavily on the retro style of Cubertino, inspired by the bestsellers of Asian countries (56 km of autonomy, 1,999 euros). And then, precisely, there are those who look to the future, such as Kymco, Yamaha and BMW. The former offer theF9, a very modern object (with the perception of driving a motorcycle) that accelerates from 0 to 50 per hour in 3 seconds, while the Japanese focus on a more traditional setting forE01 which will arrive in a few months. But the propeller house that looks farther with the Definition 04, equipped with truly original aesthetics, ergonomics and loading solutions.

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